Kyle Sherman Album ‘Hear Me’ Review and Giveaway

I wanted to share a review of the album “Hear Me” by Kyle Sherman.  Kyle was a full-time worship leader at Lifechurch.TV at their campus in Fort Worth, TX.  He just released his first album on October 9th!  “Hear Me” is an eclectic and authentic mix of rootsy, southern soul.

I found his album to be a great addition to my worship cd collection.  His music is catchy and full of soul.  It is an album I would like to listen to while in my car or on my ipod. I thought his music was relaxing and uplifting.

Album Bio

Fort Worth-based singer-songwriter Kyle Sherman recently signed on as the flagship artist to brand new label RayLynn Records, an opportunity that presented itself during a time period when a record deal wasn’t even on his radar.

“It’s crazy how God works,” Kyle says. ‘Five years ago, I pushed pretty hard to do my own thing as a singer-songwriter, but every well I approached would dry up. It clearly wasn’t the right time.” So Kyle continued on a path of leading worship, taking a full-time role as worship leader at Lifechurch.TV’s Fort Worth campus under the leadership of renowned pastor/author Craig Groeschel.

Just 3-years later Kyle made it back to Nashville, pouring his heart into a microphone at Sony studio with veteran producer and country singer-songwriter Mark Collie making his first album. God is faithful. Hear Me, the result of those sessions, is an eclectic and authentic mix of rootsy, southern soul.




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* I was provided a copy of this CD for review.  

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