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I have a countdown on my phone with the amount of days we have left in the Army. I don’t check it every day. I did check it today. We have about 290 days to go. Less than 300. I remember when I put it on my phone we were at 400+ days. That seemed like really far into the future. 290 days doesn’t seem as far. That is less than a year.

I am ready, so very ready for this change. I am not sure what it will look like. I know my husband will no longer be able to be deployed. I know that we will no longer be an Army family. I know that things will be different but I am ready for it.

As I look ahead at the end of our Army days I can’t help but think back over the last eight years and remember some of the good moments we have had because of the Army.

1) Living in Germany- I didn’t always like it, at points I hated it but I will always be grateful that we got to live in Germany. It was an experience and one I will never forget. I learned a lot about the world over there and got to see so many wonderful things.

2) Our Cruise- December of 2009 we took a Mediterranean Cruise. We never would have been able to do this if it wasn’t for the Army. Being that we were in Germany our plane tickets to the port were a lot cheaper. We also were able to save money to pay for it from the deployment. We saw so many amazing things on that trip. We went places we might never be able to visit again. I am so glad we decided to take that trip.

3) The friends I have made- How often does a Mom of three boys get to meet people from all over the United States. My friends are from all over and I love that. So many different backgrounds and stories. We have bonded over our children and missing our husbands. We have spent holidays together and seen each other cry. It is a special type of friendship that I will always cherish.

4) Homecomings- We have had three and will have one more. Homecomings are amazing!  There is nothing like them. I can’t wait until the next one 🙂

5) R&R- I know not everyone enjoys them but we have always loved R&R. We have always enjoyed that time together. Whether we were at home in Germany enjoying our new baby or in Southern California enjoying the sun. I am a little sad we are not getting one for this deployment.

6) Space-A- It took a lot out of me but it was amazing. From getting off the airplane in Baltimore and being greeted by Americans to walking to our plane in the middle of the night in Newfoundland, Canada. To spending a week in Charleston, SC in the heat of summer trying to get on a plane to trying to figure out how to make it back to Grafenwoehr from Ramstein…it was an experience I will never forget.


What have been your best experiences the last few years?


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  1. Have you done a post on your Space A travels? I feel so uneducated on the opportunities…

    Can’t wait for your homecoming! The pictures are my favorite!!

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