How Does The Government Shutdown Affect Americans

Today’s post for Everyone Serves for Blue Star Families will be about the Shutdown.

Well it happened. The government shutdown. And while Active Duty Military will still get paid, a lot of other people won’t.

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A lot of things are happening and it is frustrating to watch. I hate that the government has shutdown. I personally believe it didn’t have to be this way. I just hope it doesn’t last long and is resolved quickly.

The fact is this shutdown is hurting a lot of Americans. These same Americans are the ones that voted for the people who have caused this. I get so frustrated thinking about this. I am not sure if congress thinks they are helping or what. They are not.

So how is the shutdown affecting people? I asked this question on my personal Facebook page as well as my blog page and my Twitter account.

This is how the Government shutting down is hurting the American people…

* Many who work for the government are being asked to stay home. They will not be paid. This is especially difficult when that person is making most of the money for the family.

* WIC is in danger of running out of funds. I know a lot of people who depend on WIC as a part of their monthly budget.

* Monuments in Washington DC have been closed. People who have planned trips to National parks and other Federal places are not able to go on.

* Combat pay will be delayed. That extra money we can use for paying off debt, not going to see it again until this is all over.

* Drill has been or might be cancelled for some Reserve/National Guard. What this means is the extra money the family is counting out will not be earned this month.

* Commissaries will be closed. While I don’t personally feel it is the end of the world here as we do have a lot of other grocery stores in the area, I really feel for people in places like Hawaii or those that will have to pay a lot more to just buy regular groceries.

There is more that could be added to this list and the longer this goes on, the worse it is going to get. I really don’t understand why those in power can’t see how badly this is and will hurt Americans. It doesn’t make any sense to me. On a personal level I am pretty annoyed that my husband will not be getting his combat pay but I know others are in a lot more trouble. Many will be going without their regular paychecks. Many will have to figure out a different way to get by. It is such a frustrating situation and I hate that this is happening.

How have you personally been affected by the government shutdown?

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  1. I’m AD with my hubby and this shutdown is crazy. We lost 8 people in my squadron (civ), and the commissary is where I do the majority of my shopping. I agree that it’s insanely frustrating. These people earn outrageous amounts of money, to “represent” the people and are doing a VERY POOR job of it.

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