Of iphones and photographs

I got my first smart phone in the spring of 2011. I got my first iphone last December. I love taking photos with it. I love Instagram and how easy it all is to take a photo and post it. This is so nice for my husband in Afghanistan and family in California. They get to see what we are up to even though they are not here.

It is SO easy and it makes me forget about my nice camera. And that makes me sad.

I used to take pictures with it everyday, no matter what we did. I was always uploading and editing them. Now, I might not touch the thing for a month at a time. I hate that.

I am trying to be better. Trying to remember to take it out more often. To capture the everyday in a way the iphone just can’t.

Yesterday I was at a birthday party. I did bring my big camera. Although I took some shots of my boys playing before the party started I ended up just using the iphone for most of the day.

Oh what to do, what to do? My nice camera weights a lot and can’t fit it my pocket. It is bulky and can feel pretty heavy if I am out and about with it. But still, I need to be using it more. I can’t just rely on my iphone as fun as it is. I will regret it later.

Here are some shots the last few months from my nice camera. Shots that I just couldn’t get with the iphone.







Do you struggle to take out your real camera because your camera phone is so much easier?



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3 thoughts on “Of iphones and photographs”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. My phone is so full of moments snapped quickly and easily, when my big camera was nowhere to be found. But my big camera holds some of the most quality images to be found in our memories! It’s so hard to have to choose!!

  2. I agree! So easy to snap shots with the phone. And less work too! But I do love it when I finally bust out the real camera. 😉

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