Take A Vet To School Program

My post for Everyone Serves for Blue Star Families will be about the Take a Vet to school program.

I think it is so important for younger people to understand what has come before them. To know their history and what others have done in the past. It can help shape them and give them different interests than they might not otherwise have.

I think the Take a Vet To School Program is a great way to help kids understand about the past. What they do is organize events on Veteran’s Day or leading up to it in the school setting. They can be just a one class visit or an assembly for the whole school. Students will get to learn about the history of Veteran’s Day and hear from vets about what they have done in their lives. Not everyone comes from a Military family so it is nice for these kids to learn more about what it means to serve your country.

Both of my grandpas served in the Military. They are no longer with us so I can not ask them about their time in the service. The Take a Vet to School program can allow children to hear stories from the peers of their family members that might have passed away. They can hear about what it was like to serve during the same time one of their own family members served.

If you are interested in this program you can visit Got Your Six for more information.

What better way to educate our youth on Military service then to connect them to the people who have been there and served their country proudly? And although Military children might be used to the uniform, civilian children might not be. This is a great way to bridge that divide between Military families and Civilian ones.


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