Close But Not Yet There

This will be my last post for Blue Star Families. I will be talking about where we are in the deployment cycle and about the ebook, Everyone Serves.



We are at the end of this deployment, I would assume. Still, we are not quite there yet. I am still struggling. Some days more than others. I might have a good week and then bam, something happens and I feel like I just can’t take another day without him.

I hate the up and downs of it. I hate worrying that he will get extended. I hate not knowing what is going on.

I wish I could just close my eyes, wake up and he would be home. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I know the end of deployments are like this. I know this is coming to an end. It just isn’t ending fast enough for me right now and that is my struggle.

I try to keep things in perspective but sometimes I fail at that. I look at how many days we have gone through and how many days we might have left and it is a no brainer that we have come so far and are almost there. Still, it doesn’t always feel like it sometimes. Still, I make it through each day and night with the hope that one of these days I will get that call and go and pick up my husband.

If you are about to go through a deployment, going through one or have just finished one, you need to check out the free ebook, Everyone Serves. It can help you get through the stages of deployment and make it so you do not feel as alone. When you hear stories from others it can remind you that you will make it through too. I know for myself I have to find stuff like this to get through the hard days. Just knowing others have done what I have done can really help my mood.

So go ahead and get a copy for yourself, tell your friends and good luck to you during whatever stage you might be in.

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  1. Good luck with the end stages! I know exactly how you feel. I’m so thankful to have my hubby home and actually get home on time when he was supposed to. I know you can’t wait and my prayers are with you and your family. Happy Monday! I hope you have a good week with no bad day. You’re almost there!

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