Favorite Military Discounts


Favorite Military DiscountsOver the years I have been able to receive some great Military discounts from different businesses. These have been my favorite.

Cracker Barrel- They have a 30% Military discount, at least in our area. I have heard the discount does depend on the restaurant so make sure to ask before you assume if they have one. Some might not offer a discount and others might be lower than 30%.

Sea World- Each Military family can get in for free to one of the Sea World parks, once a year. It is for the Service Member and three dependents. You do need to register ahead of time. I am sad we have only been able to use this discount once during our years in the Army.

Southwest Airlines- To get a discount with Southwest you need to call them. It will not show up on the website. The only thing is that a lot of the times they have another promotion with a better rate. It doesn’t hurt to call them. I was able to get a deal when I was trying to fly from Northern California to Southern last minute.

Knott’s Berry Farm– Their discount has been different every time we have gone. One time it was half off. They also used to have one month of the year where Military got in free but I am not sure if they are still doing that one. You can visit their promotions page for more details.

Old Navy– Our Old Navy will always give us a 10% Military discount. They only let you use one discount at a time though so if you happen to have a coupon for 15% off, you have to pick which one to use. Other Old Navy’s have a day or a few days where they offer a Military discount. Some do once a month. It seems to change every once in a while so make sure to ask when you check out.

Lowe’s and Home Depot– I got to these places a lot around this time of year and they both offer 10% off. Just make sure to show them your Military id.


Where are your favorite places to get a Military discount?



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  1. We have one Chick-fil-A in the area that has a 50% off for military id! All the stores are different, but there’s only a few in the area that don’t have any discount. I always ask!

  2. These are great, but one of my favorite’s is Disneyland! Crazy good discounts for their park tickets, and their hotels too. It’s what helped us afford to go there on our honeymoon, and stay in the Disneyland Hotel. And to go there for my 21st birthday. I’m a big kid at heart.

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