We Got A Dog

We started talking about someday getting a dog a few years ago. The timing never seemed to be quite right. We talked about getting one after Ben got out of the Army. Well last week my husband sent me a text┬áthat someone from work has a dog and wanted to know if we wanted to take her. I wasn’t sure what to say. She was a sweet dog, but was I ready?

I went back and forth a lot. My husband wasn’t pushy about it. He just said he thought she would be a sweet dog and he thought it would a good idea.

You see, I have never had a dog before. I grew up with a cat and even had one for a time in college. My parents have two cats that they got when I was in college. My husband has had dogs before and even worked as a dog handler during deployment #3. He knows dogs. So I told him I wasn’t ready but the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about the dog. She was on my mind the whole time. It was like seeing her picture spoke to me and that this was OUR dog. So I talked some more with my husband. I went through everything I could think of. Some of it was silly. And then I told him that yes, I think we were ready for a dog.

We got her on Friday and the boys just went nuts! She was super excited to run around with them in our yard. It has been an adjustment for me. I am not used to have a dog follow me around but I am loving it. She is such a sweetheart. My husband has had to work a lot this week it seems so I have been taking care of her all day. On Monday I felt like I had no clue what I was doing and had to text Ben a few times but now I feel like I am getting it.

It feels weird to say that we are now a dog family. It is something I knew would happen in the future but here we are. I am no longer the only girl in this house ­čÖé

So…here is Gwen. She is a Hound mix, maybe with Lab? Just about one year’s old too.





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