The End of Summer


Less than TWO weeks and the boys go back to school. This summer FLEW by! Fastest one yet.

We had a big change this summer. I went from full-time SAHM/part-time WAHM to full-time WAHM. It has been quite the adjustment and I am still trying to figure it all out. What do I do from home? Well right now the majority of my time is spent working as a freelance writer for an Internet marker. I also make money from Scentsy and from blogging. It is a mix and hard to juggle sometimes.


I think with the boys going back to school it is going to get easier. I have my own office which I am in during the day but I can still sometimes hear them. It will be nice to have them away from home while I am getting my work done. That being said, I couldn’t have asked for a better summer. After having a deployed husband last summer, this one was the opposite. We have been able to spend a lot of time together which has been great. We have been to the water park a few times, went camping and did some other random things.


Ben has already been away for one drill day. It wasn’t bad at all. Then again, it was just for a day. We have been through so much more in the past that 1-2 days once a month doesn’t seem bad at all. Two weeks will be challenging but I don’t know that it would bother me too much. We will see when the time comes.

For the last few weeks we have been potty training my youngest. Oh my! What a chore! BUT he is now at the point where he usually takes himself. We just need to get him used to using the regular potty instead of the little one. We have about 2.5 weeks before school starts and I hope we can do it before then. This is HUGE because he is our last which means…no more diapers for us! After almost 10 years of them I am almost done!


Gwen, our dog, has been with us about three months now and it kinda seems like she always has been. She has made friends with the two dogs that live next door which is super cute. They play along the fence together. She will hang with me when I am working sometimes and loves to just chill with us at night when we are watching tv. I am so glad we decided to get it. She has really benefited out family.

My mom has had a rough summer and I have hated being so far away from her. She developed Guillain Barre in June and was in the hospital and rehab center for about two weeks. She was home for two weeks and then it came back. She is now in the rehab center again and hopefully will be home the end of the month. We made the decision for me to fly out there and help for about 10 days. I will be doing that in August. I talked to her for a while this morning and she is doing a lot better. She is very happy that I will be there soon.

I had a fabulous time at the Scentsy Family Reunion and I miss all the girls I spent time with there. Thank goodness for Facebook!


How was your summer? Do anything fun?



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  1. So sorry about your mom! I have heard of that before and it seems like such a sudden, freak thing to happen. I hope she is better soon!

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