How To Write Your Blog Posts

How To Write Your Blog PostsSo you want to be a blogger? Good choice. Blogging is a great thing to do whether you do it for a hobby or want to make money on it eventually.

In order to be a blogger, you have to write blog posts. The writing part can feel overwhelming at times.

The first step to writing a blog post is to come up with a topic. I do this in a few different ways. Sometimes an idea just comes to me. If that happens when I am not going to be writing, I put it on my “blog post ideas” list. Then, I have something to look at when it is time to write the post. I have also started writing more on my phone when I am out and about or just for something different to do. I can then email it to myself to put into WordPress and edit. I wrote about three posts this past weekend when I didn’t have any Wifi.

Once you come up with your topic, you need a catchy title. Sometimes I end up changing my title after I wrote the post. My first title just didn’t seem to fit or I thought of something better when I was writing the post. People might get your post in an email or see it on Twitter or Facebook. You want your title to be something people want to click on. You can be creative as you would like to be. That is the beauty of blogging. Your blog, your title. It might be a good idea to make sure you explain a little about your post in the title so people know what you will be talking about.

So you have your topic idea, your title, what now?

Start writing!

Just start writing!

Then write some more. Keep writing until you hit the amount of words you want for your post. Ideally that should be 500+ but in reality that might not always happen. Sometimes my posts are only 300 words or so. Just keep writing until you feel you are done. Then, go back and edit. If you are stuck and can’t write because you are afraid of it sounding a certain way, you will never get anywhere. Just write!  If it really turns out horrible, you never have to publish it and no one will ever have to know. Remember, your first draft doesn’t have to be perfect and might change a bit before you actually publish it.

So you finished your post, now you need to edit. If you use Google Chrome you need to install After the Deadline. This is the best spell check I have ever seen. What is so awesome about it is that it will give you the option to spell check anything your write online. From Facebook statuses to Blog posts. It has really helped me stay on track with my spelling. After spell check I like to “preview” my post and read it like I was one of my readers. Spell check can’t catch everything, especially if your mistakes are typing a real word that is wrong versus just a word that is spelled wrong. I tend to do this when I am typing so I try hard to catch all of that before I publish my work.

After all that is done I add photos, tags, links and then hit publish or schedule the post. When the post goes live, it will automatically go to Twitter. I have set it up that way. I will then also post to it Facebook, Pinterest and sometimes LinkedIn or Google+.

What are your tips for writing a blog post?


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4 thoughts on “How To Write Your Blog Posts”

  1. I have a notebook that I use to keep my blogging calendar, but I also use it for notes and ideas. I have lots and lots of lists made up and various ideas with random thoughts. If I don’t write the ideas down, I forget about them.

  2. If something strikes me as a good idea for a blog post, I immediately write it down. Otherwise I’ll forget. My life gives me lots of ideas–mainly my kids. And today as I was pigging out on chocolate, I was like, “ooo I could write 5 things that happens while I’m PMSing..” Or something like that.

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