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Last week we took the kids to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops. This is the best place to go because you get a picture for free and you can also use your own camera. You can buy more photos if you like but we never do.

The only thing about it is the line. There is always such a long line. This year I thought it would be a good idea to get there about 2:30. They opened at 3pm and thought we would be the first ones in line. Well we got there and there were probably about 20 people ahead of us. Not that bad compared to past years but that meant we had to wait for them to open and then wait our turn. After we were done at the mall around 7pm we walked back through and there was barely a line at all. So now we know. Go later on in the day before Thanksgiving and you will hardly have to wait at all. Do not go the week of Christmas. Tried that last year and we didn’t get to see Santa because it was just too long of a wait for Drew.

My children are 10, almost 8 and 4 this year. They also still believe in Santa. I am not sure when that will change. I have hinted with my oldest. He still believes. At least he is pretending to if nothing else. I am not sure how old I was when I stopped believing. I remember questioning my parents but I think I was about 10 or so. Maybe a little younger?

I am shocked Drew still believes because he is the logical one.10613083_10154822381555705_6469271465085363719_n


I knew we would always do Santa when we had kids. I had such great memories of it growing up. That feeling I used to get the night before, wondering what Santa would bring. The magical feeling we would get when we came down the stairs and saw everything put together. I think my Mom deserves an A+ in Christmas morning. It always looked amazing.

When I thought about my future kids believing in Santa, I didn’t think too much about when they would stop. I just assumed they would eventually. Thinking that this could be the last year my older two believe in Santa, it makes me a little sad. It is like a part of childhood is slipping away. I hope that when they do figure it out, they don’t blow it for their little brother. He still has a few years left to believe.IMG_9754

It seems like different families do Santa differently. Some just get one gift from Santa. Others get more. A few years ago, around the time my oldest started reading, I stopped putting who the gifts were from. They could be from us, they could be from Santa. Who knows? My kids don’t question this at all and it makes it easier for me. They just know that on Christmas morning they are receiving presents from Santa and from us, plus the presents they get from extended family.

Last year was the first year that they asked for an expensive gift and when I told them that was too much, they told me they would just ask Santa. It didn’t seem to be an issue when they didn’t receive it though.

How do you do Santa in your home?



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  1. My 9 year old is the logical one, but he still believes. I’ve made comments, but he has never questioned me about it, so I just let him keep believing.

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