Our 2014 Christmas

Christmas came early for us this year! We celebrated on the 19th because my husband just got a new job and will be working Christmas Day. Frustrating that he did have to start this week but it is what it is and we are very thankful for him to have a job. When he told me his schedule I knew we would have to celebrate early because I didn’t want to wake up Christmas morning feeling super depressed that he missed out.

We told the boys that we contacted Santa and asked him to come early. That he will do that sometimes based on parent’s work schedules. My 10-year-old brough that he was probably okay with that because of the loss of St. Nicholas’ own parents at a young age. That he understands the importance of family being together each year.

Thursday night was our Christmas Eve. After the boys went to sleep we filled stockings and set out the presents. Normally I wait until Christmas Eve to wrap but for some reason I was ahead of the game and already had it done.

We had a wonderful Christmas even though the rest of the world wasn’t celebrating yet.

I do plan to make a nice meal on the 25th and our Christmas tree is still up 🙂

I hope you all have a great Christmas too 🙂


He was so excited to get a new Power Ranger key!


Gotta love the magic of Christmas!



He figured out what was in his gift!


“Look Mommy!”



Minecraft sets…yay!!!



Big Hero Max!



My oldest got Doctor Who stuff!


Anyone else celebrate early???



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