Favorite Books of 2014

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In case you haven’t noticed. I love to read. I always have. This year I read 39 books. Not my best year since I started tracking. I don’t really have a goal for books but I find the numbers interesting.

Out of the 39 books I read, here is a list of my top 10! My 10 favorite books from the year 🙂

1) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green-I started reading this one way before the movie. I was just going to read a few pages and before I knew it I was almost halfway through. It is a quick read and an interesting story about two teens with cancer who fall in love. Read the book, then see the movie.

2) The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton-I heard about this from another blogger and it sounded really interesting to me. It was the story of best friends who started meeting at the park when their kids were little in the late 60s. It takes place in the Bay Area and I was hooked right away. There is a sequel I still need to read.

3) The Longest Ride– I haven’t read too many of Nicholas Sparks books but I heard good things about this one. The story goes between an older man who is stuck in the snow and a young couple. I hear they are making a movie in 2015 and I hope it turned out to be good. It really is a great story.

4) Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs- I had seen this book before and it looked interesting to me. I started reading it a few weeks ago and it drew me in. It is the story of a 16 year old boy who grew up with a Grandfather who told him the most interesting stories. They always assumed he was making them up until the boy finds out that he really wasn’t. I also finished the 2nd book in the series but liked the first one a lot better.

5) Matched by Ally Condie- I love dystopian fiction. Ever since the Hunger Games I have found other series that are similar and this is one of them. In this world everything is controlled. People are only allowed to list to 100 songs or read from a list of 100 books. They also don’t get to pick who they marry. They are matched. This story is about a girl who gets matched with her best friend. This rarely happens and was a very interesting book. The other two in the series were not quite the same but overall I really enjoy this series.

6) Witches of East End by Melissa De LaCruz- I wanted to read this one once I saw the show. It has most of the same characters as the show but things are very different. It is about a mom and her two daughters that happen to be witches living in a small town called North Hampton.  I am on the waiting list for the next one.

7)Written in my Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon- As a fan of the Outlander series, I couldn’t wait for this book to come out. I was waiting about two years for the book since I finished the last one. This book continues the story of Jamie and Claire as well as their daughter Brianna and her husband Roger.


8)Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter- I bought this book because of the cover and took it with me camping. It was a great story about an island near Italy, an American movie star and it takes place in the 1960s as well as present day. I would love to read more by the author in the future.

9) Full Measures– I love it when Military spouses write fiction books. This book is a love story between the daughter of a Military man who is killed in action and a local Hockey star. Their relationship is emotional and enjoyable. It was written by Rebecca Yarros who blogs at The Only Girl Among Boys.


10) Wedding Night By Sophie Kinsella- I loved the shopaholic series and as I wait for the next book to come out I decided I wanted to read the author’s other books. Wedding Night is the story about a crushed girl who runs into an old flame and decides to marry him right away. It’s funny and takes them to a romantic island.

What were your favorite books this year?

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