My Dog Ate My Garden And 2015 Gardening Plans



Last year I decided I was going to focus on less variety of plants and grow more of the same types of things. I also wanted to grow corn. We had an old plastic pool and I made that into a garden. I was pretty excited about it all and then we got a dog. At first, she stayed away from the garden for the most part. I thought it was fine. Then one more I woke up to all of my little corn seedlings thrown around the garden. We should have put up a fence after all! Lesson learned.


I also started working from home full-time which didn’t allow me much time to garden anyway. In the end we had tomatoes and peppers that we grew in containers, some lettuce and herbs and that was about it.

Looking ahead at this year I want to keep it simple. I still have my beds but not sure I will do anything with then this year. I would have to put up a fence!


I think I can buy something cheap for my garden pool to keep it safe and we plan to reuse our containers on our deck.

We are thinking we will stick to tomatoes, peppers, snap peas, herbs and lettuce. Maybe strawberries. I always fail at those though.


I also planted some tulips in my front yard and will be excited to see them grow. I want to experiment with some different types of flowers as well. I just adore flowers but they seem way too expensive to buy here. I used to get them weekly in Germany but they were only about 2-3 Euro.


I need to spend some time clearing out some of the old plants from last year and getready to start growing new ones. Seedlings will need to start in a few weeks and I am excited about that. I love planting the seeds and watching them grow.

Do you garden? What will you plant this year?


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2 thoughts on “My Dog Ate My Garden And 2015 Gardening Plans”

  1. Hi Julie.
    I love that you’re thinking about a garden and we have ice on the ground, You’re my kind of gal 🙂
    We live in a rural area so we have the luxury of doing large gardens. We tend not to do to many thing however since it’s only hubby and I, We so, tomatoes, potatoes, and beets are our largest plantings. Then on a smaller scale we do herbs, eggplant, herbs cucumbers, peppers ( a few different varieties from bell to hot) and we have a very small strawberry patch.
    My favorite veggies are the tomatoes and the beets and I love to put them up in mason jars for the winter. Oh and pickles, I adore pickles…

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