I Don’t Want To Lose All My Photos


In college I always had my camera with me. It was always some type of non digital point and shoot. One of my favorite things to do was take the film in to Long’s Drug Store and get it developed. It took a couple of days and when I got it back I was super excited about going through the prints to see which ones were good and which ones were not. I usually then scrapbooked them within a few months. I was never that far behind.


Then in 2003 I got my first digital camera and all that changed. No longer did I have to wait to develop my photos. I started uploading them to a photo site and that is what I have been doing ever since. This also means that by default, I do not have prints of all my photos. I have to take the time to order them. I used to do that a lot and somewhere along the way I stopped.


I scrapbook but I am so behind that anything before 2009 has not made it into an album yet. I came across this article about how we might not have access to our photos if we don’t print them out. I read it and it made sense to me. I always back up all my photos with Shutterfly but what happens if they go down? How many people don’t do that and just relay on their own computers or even just their phones to store everything? We could really lose our photos.


So I decided I am going to make some changes. This is what I am going to do to make sure my grandchildren can see my photos and so that my boys will have a lot of photographs from their growing up years.

1) Continue to back up photos with Shutterfly.

2) Work hard to get my scrapbooks done.

3) Sign up forĀ Groovebook to get 100 photos a month for $2.99. I have heard this is a great service.

4) Start printing out more photos to put up around the house.

5) Print the photos I want to eventually scrapbook ahead of time to have on hand. This will take a while because I can’t afford to print 6 years of photos out at once.

6) Be better about taking photos with my big camera. And take more photos with ME in them. That is important too.


I hate the thought that years of photos will be lost because I didn’t take the time to organize them all now. I know it is a lot of work but there are easy ways to do this.


What about you? Are you good about printing out your photos? Do you need to make some changes to be able to make sure your kids and grandkids have photos of you in the future?


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