5 Things To Remember When You Are Having A Bad Day


5 Things To Remember When You Are Having A Bad Day

Sometimes life just sucks. It gets frustrating. You are going about your business, expecting a certain outcome and something gets in your way. You have hopes and dreams and then realize they will be harder to achieve that you first thought. You just want to get through the day without feeling sad but you can’t help it. This happens to all of us. Whether it is because of your family, career or even a failed friendship, life can feel really difficult sometimes. When you get bad news you want to just curl up in your bed and try not to think about it.

Bad days are hard but when you have one, try to remember this…

Tomorrow is another day

You never know what it will bring. Saturday could be horrible but that doesn’t mean that Sunday has to be. Focus on the positive things that have happened to you recently and have hope that tomorrow is a much better day. Most likely it will be.

You are not alone

There are others going through what you are. There are others going through much worse. This isn’t the first time that whatever has happened to you has happened. Many people have come before you and gone through it before. If you are dealing with a certain issue, it might be helpful to talk to someone who has dealt with it before. They can give you some perspective and tips on getting through it.

Take a breath

Sometimes stopping and spending time by yourself can really help you get your mind in a better place. Writing in a journal and saying some prayers can go a long way in making life a little better. This is especially important if you find yourself overreacting about certain things. Taking time for yourself can get you to calm down and get to a more peaceful place.

Stop comparing

It is really hard to stop doing this, especially when it comes to wanting your husband home. That right there can make for a really bad day. Thinking about how others have what you don’t is going to make you miserable. Try to think of what you have and not what you don’t. You could drive yourself crazy thinking about what you might be lacking and that isn’t what you should focus on.

Be Flexible

One of the biggest reasons someone might have a bad day is because things didn’t go as planned. If you can be flexible about your desires, you have a better chance of letting it go. Think about all of your options and go from there. Remember that your first choice might not even be the best choice and there could be better things ahead.

Bad days are the worst. Not being able to share them with your spouse when they are gone can make them even more so. Try to do what you can to get yourself out of your funk. It will be worth it and you will feel much better about whatever problem you are dealing with.

What do YOU do to feel better when you having a bad day???

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