What I Will Miss About Tennessee

What I Will Miss About Tennessee

We will be heading back to California in a couple of years. We made the decision to do so and now working on all the details. Because of this I have started to look at Tennessee and think about what I will miss. Tennessee is a lovely, beautiful place and I know there are things I will miss about it. But Tennessee does not have our families and that is the most important thing for us right now.

Fall in tennessee

So what will I miss when we leave here???

  • The Fall- The trees, the leaves, the weather. I will miss a colorful fall. I know when that time of year comes around I will miss watching the trees change, the colors and how beautiful it all looks. At least I have a lot of pictures 🙂
  • The Weather- Sunny days are great and I think I will enjoy not being snowed in anymore but at the same time I worry that I am not going to enjoy the “boring” weather. Tennessee is all over the place, even in the same day. I think part of me might miss that. Just not the tornado part.
  • The cost of living- If my family was not in California, we wouldn’t be moving back for this reason alone. From the cost of your home to gas prices, I am a little scared. We pay less for our 4 bedroom house every month then we did for our two bedroom townhouse rental in 2004! Crazy! Everything is more expensive there AND we will have to start paying state taxes again. After not having to do that in Kentucky because of my husband being in the Military and then not having to in Tennessee because we do not have state taxes here, it will be a big change.
  • Driving- As much as I get annoyed at certain parts of this city during certain times of the day when it comes to traffic, I am a little worried about the Southern California freeways. I think about how I learned to drive on them but still, that was about 20 years ago. It is possible that I will look back and miss the roads around here. Maybe not though. I guess we will just have to wait and see on that one.
  • The People- Whenever someone comes to visit us, they can’t stop talking about how nice the people are around here. From the waitress to the lady who bags your groceries. It is that southern hospitality that this area is known for. People hold doors for you and usually have a smile on their face while they do it. That will take some time to get used it. It is just different in Southern California.
  • All the little differences-I know when we go back there will be things we really love about living in California again. Little things that we never thought about much before. I also know we will miss other things about this place. The little details that we have gotten used to about the area.

Nashville, TN

I am thankful that I was able to experience living in Tennessee. It’s such a pretty state with its own charm. It has a lot going for it but it simply isn’t home. I left my parent’s house in 1997 and I am ready to return to the area. I always wanted to experience other places and cultures and I have. Twenty years later I am ready to go back and enjoy living near family and the place in the world that I call home.

Moving soon? What will you miss about your current location???


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