March Fit Snack Monthly Box Review


fit snack box

It’s time for another Fit Snack box review! I am really enjoying these boxes! I was excited to get a new box so that I could try new foods. I had no idea what would be in the box. Once again I was very happy with it.

My top three favorites!!!

Biosanes-Magic cookies that are perfect for a meal replacement or just a healthy snack. I ate this one for breakfast. I am not a big fan of breakfast but if I skip it I don’t feel well and that isn’t good. I would say this cookie could be an option for me. It was oatmeal raisin and although I am not one to pick that type of cookie if I had the choice, it was good for breakfast.

Mov’It- They are “Mommy’s fruit snacks” and help fight fatigue with energy boosting vitamins, ribose, guarana and taurine. I have been eating them in the afternoons when I have a lot to do and start to feel a little sluggish. For years I would drink an afternoon cup of coffee and these can help get me away from that.


Bio Coffee- This reminded me of the coffee you can get in Germany. It was yummy. It is the world’s first Alkaline coffee and gives you a good energy boost without all the harmful side effects.



fit snack box

It’s so nice they include a nice Product Information list too.

fit snack box

My box also included, Sweetwood Cattle Co. Beef Jerky, Keen One Quinoa Chocolate Nut Krunch, Flamous Falafel Chips, Detour Smart Whole Grain Oatmeal with Blueberries low sugar bar and Wowbutter, peanut butter replacement.

Fit Snack is applying the social model to its partners as well. In order to share exclusive behind the brand views, Fit Snack will showcase a “Brands We Love” interview every month, which will highlight the history of a Fit Snack partner as well as go into detail about how their product is made.

Fit Snack offers several different subscription plans including 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and annual subscription options. Monthly box prices
start at $15.00 (+ $5
S/H) and provide double that value within each box.

Would you like to order one??? You can do so here



* I received this box for free as a Fit Snack Ambassador!

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