When the Blogger Lost Her iphone


When the Blogger Lost Her iphone

A few weeks ago we had a little situation with a pool. It was the first time we had been at the pool this summer and there were about five things I could have done differently to prevent what happened. Looking back, I am a little irritated with myself about it but you can’t change the past, only be smarter in the future.

We walked into the pool area and I just assumed my kids would be just fine around the pool. Looking back I should have not assumed that and I should have put the Puddle Jumper on my 4 year old before we got there.

As I looked for a place to put our stuff, my 4 year old decided to jump into the pool. Only, he can’t swim so he started freaking out. I noticed right away and even though I was wearing jeans, I went in to grab him. As I did this my 8 year old realized he could no longer touch and started freaking out. My thoughts were to go in a little further because my pants were already wet. I didn’t think about anything else. Once everyone was safe, I realized my phone had been in my pocket. I grabbed it just in time to see the Apple logo fade away and die.


As soon as I got home I put it in rice. I asked for advice and that seemed to be the #1 answer. I heard stories of all types of phones being saved this way. It sat there for three days. I plugged it in and nothing. It was dead. My brother in law told me he had a phone come back to life a few months after the fact. I am not sure if that will happen to mine. I hope it does. I really do.

I went online to look at my options. I am about 18 months away from being able to upgrade with Verizon. They won’t let me do the Edge program either. My other option is to buy a phone outright. Which I can’t do at the moment. Even the cheapest iphone through them is over $300. I looked at other places like Groupon and you can get a iphone 4 for around $150. But really? I don’t want to spend much money on this. At least not right now.

My current solution was to hook up my old Droid for now. It pretty much sucks. It’s old, slow and has very little battery life. But it makes phone calls, I can get my email, text and even use Instagram. It will be okay for now. Until I figure something else out.

It has been an interesting two weeks since I lost my iphone. The photos I can take are pretty bad so I have not been reaching for my phone as often. It’s both good and bad. I would be using my DSLR more often except we have been at the pool most days. There have been a lot of memories made that no one else will ever see. In a lot of ways this is a good thing. I do feel sad that my family is going to miss some of these moments when before they would be able to see a picture of it. I don’t know. I like not feeling like I should take photos of every little thing but I miss it too.

I can get on social media on my phone but it is a pain because the apps run very very slow. So I don’t usually go on unless I am home. This is a change and a good one I think. Although I had hoped to do some social media when we were at the park or somewhere like that, I am okay with not really doing that anymore. In some ways it makes Twitter and Facebook a little more fun.

I don’t know what my smartphone future looks like. My husband and I just have to make fun of the one I am using. It’s so old it even has a Blockbuster app on it. Apple will come out with another phone in a few months and then maybe I will have more choices.

I learned a big lesson though, when around water, never ever keep your phone in your pocket.

Have you lost a phone you couldn’t replace? What did you do?

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  1. I have a cheap back up Android phone, Jake has a habit of ruining my iphones. LOL. Ebay has some decent priced phones. That’s where I got mine since it was ruined again by Jake.

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