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Have you heard of Chameleon Kids? It’s mission is to inspire kids in Military families. They have a wonderful magazine called, Military Kids’ Life that was launched in April 2015 and I was able to review a copy! This magazine an exciting mix of articles based on a quarterly theme to help kids find the adventure in their military lives.


The target age is 6 to 14-year-old boys and girls in military families (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Active, Reserve, National Guard.) The magazine will come out quarterly and will cost $12.95 for an annual subscription and$3.95 single copy.

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I really enjoyed looking through this magazine. The articles were great. I especially loved the ones from the kids about living overseas. Those would be ideal for a child getting ready to move to a new location. There are also articles with recipes, about pets and other topics that would be of interest to Military children.

The magazine is filled with beautiful photos to go with the stories. It also feels like the price is worth the cost. There is enough in it to make it worth buying and not feel like you are paying too much for just a couple of pages.

Although it is geared for older kids, it is great for us moms and dads too. We can even share some of the stories with our younger children.

Chameleon Kids

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* I was provided a free copy of the magazine for review! 

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