Where Should My Kids Sleep?

Where Should My Kids Sleep?


We moved into our current home four years ago. At the time we had a 6-year-old, 4-year-old and 9 month old. All boys. Our house is set up so our Master bedroom is downstairs. I love this because it really gives us some space. It wasn’t until we moved in here I was okay with that. We had a similar set up in our last house in Germany and we decided to put our room on the same floor with the boys. It is funny how your wants can change just by adding another child to the mix.

Before we moved in we decided to paint most of the rooms. This was a lot of fun! We even had the boys help.

We put my oldest two in the same room and then the baby had his own room, the smallest of the three upstairs. The third bedroom up there would be the office. This set up worked for a while since I had two older kids and a baby. Then the baby got a bit older and we decided to put him in with my oldest son giving our middle son his own room. At the time it made sense. He is the one with Asperger’s and he needed his space. About a year later we switched it up again because my son was asking if he could share a room with someone again. We changed things up even more putting the office into the small room and turning the former office into my oldest son’s room. This allowed my middle son to have a roommate and gave my oldest some space.

That worked for about a year and then my middle son was talking about how he wanted some space again. So I thought about it and we put my oldest and youngest together again. That is where they are now.

The issue is now my 8-year-old wants to be with one of his brothers again so we have some choices to make. We could put all three boys in one room but that is a little crazy. We could give the 4-year-old his own room, my other two had their own rooms at some point around that age. We could put the 8-year-old with the 4-year-old and give my 10-year-old his own room again but the 8 and 4-year-old don’t get along as well. We are really going to have to think about this.

So how do you decide where your kids are going to sleep?

There is a lot to think about. For my parents it was pretty easy. They just had a boy and a girl. For others it gets a little more complicated. The great thing is that you can be flexible and change things around as needed. You can get creative, making space for kids in other rooms. If your kids are older you can talk to them about what they would want and who they would want to room with.

How have you set up the rooms in your house? Has it been a challenge to figure out what the best way to do things would be? Head on over to Hello Mamas and find other moms to talk to about this or any other issues your family might be having.


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  1. I’d probably give the oldest his own room and the younger two can share.

    Obviously it’s easier for us: we have a boy and a girl so they have separate rooms.

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