The Road Back From Broken By Carrie Morgan Book Review

The Road Back From Broken

The Road Back From Broken by Carrie Morgan is a brand new book which comes out today, October 20, 2015!

I had the opportunity to review the book and I was very impressed!

The Road Back From Broken:

For Fitz, having survived means being haunted by the very memories he wants to forget…

Four months after surviving an IED blast in Afghanistan, Army sergeant Jacob Fitzgerald has recovered from his physical injuries but his invisible wounds continue to fester. Devastated by the loss of his friend Peterson, a gifted medic who was killed in the IED attack, Fitz turns to alcohol to dull his pain. But his solace proves short-lived when a DUI crash leaves Fitz one screw-up away from a court martial and he comes home to find his wife Jenn packing her bags.

Desperate to save his marriage and his Army career, Fitz is befriended by Remy, a young Army chaplain haunted by demons of his own. Fitz leans on Remy for support when sobriety proves a mixed blessing, bringing the clarity of mind needed to reconnect with his family while unleashing a flood of vivid, searing flashbacks. As the haunting memories of the IED attack and his fallen comrade send Fitz into a spiral of anguish, he must choose between numbing the pain and losing both his family and his career, or coming to terms with his role in the death of his friend.

Written by Carrie Morgan, whose husband is a an U.S. Army infantry veteran, this book touched on something a lot of those who have been to war or are married to someone who has been to war have been through. This book is a well written strong story about a man who is not dealing well after coming back from his latest deployment. I loved the ties to family and the history of the main character’s family. She touches on the different people who are affected by a soldier’s deployments and the hard years that Military life can bring. She brings up modern issues that those in the Military might be facing and it is a real look inside a soldier’s world.

The Road Back From Broken is available in Paperback and Kindle form from Amazon.


  • I received a free copy of this book for review. Affiliate links are used. 


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