Five Simple Ways To Thanks A Veteran With The Great Clips Veterans Day Campaign

It is so nice to know that there are companies out there that will be offering discounts to Veterans on November 11th. Great Clips is one of these places. They are offering free Veterans Day haircuts on Veterans Day. It is great to find Veterans Day offers that can really help out those who have served our country.

Veterans Day

I am a Military spouse and surrounded by Veterans. My Dad served in the Air Force in the 1960s/1970s and my husband is in the Army National Guard. I also know quite a few Military spouses that have served in the Military too. My heart is so thankful for the men and women who have stepped up to the call to serve their country. I am also so proud to be married to one of these people. To have watched him join the Army, to be with him during all the years he was Active duty and to now be with him as he works toward his after Army years.

As we get close to Veterans Day, you might be wondering the best way to thank a Veteran. Here is a list of five simple ways you can do it.

Soldier and baby

  1. Thank them. Just say the words. Let them know that you are grateful for what they have done. The simple words, “Thank you” can go a very long way.
  2. Off them a discount. If you have a business, give a discount to any Veteran that walks through your door. Let them know that you care and save them a little money in the process.
  3. Volunteer for a Veteran’s organization. Even if you don’t live near a Military installation you can still find places in your community to volunteer to help veterans. Check and see what is going on and where you can lend a hand.
  4. Talk to a Vet. Listen to their stories. Hear what they have been through. Let them know they matter. Veterans have a lot to say but sometimes feel like they can’t tell their stories. Be there to listen and understand what they have been through in the past. Ask them about their time in the Military.
  5. Donate. You can donate to Veteran organizations with money or even goods. Sometimes people hold drives to collect used clothing, blankets and food. Be aware of what is going on in your community and try to be apart of it.

Thanks A Veteran

With more than 3,800 salons throughout the United States and Canada, Great Clips is the world’s largest salon brand. Great Clips salons employ nearly 35,000 stylists who receive ongoing training to learn the Great Clips customer care system and advanced technical skills. Great Clips salon owners and corporate office are dedicated to our salon communities with a focus on philanthropic and volunteer activities.

Active or retired military members get free haircuts or a free haircut card on November 11th, and any customer who gets a haircut at Great Clips on November 11th receives a free haircut card to give to a veteran. Only veterans and active members of the military are eligible to redeem the free haircut card. Family members of said military members do not qualify. This is the third year Great Clips is running this promotion, and Great Clips is the only major salon brand that offers customers a way to thank the veterans in their lives!

Thank the veterans in your life and visit your local Great Clips on November 11th to redeem a free haircut card to share with a veteran of choice!

Comment and share stories of special veterans in your own life and how you can thank them.

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