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I don’t know about you but I love to find a good deal. Before I finish checking out in an online store or before I go to an actual store planning to spend money, I like to search for coupons or coupon codes. More often than not, the store has one and I can use that coupon or code to save money. Even if the amount is just a couple of dollars or free shipping, I love to find them.


I had the chance to review the website Dealspotr and set up an account. I am now a ProBlogger over there. I have been using Dealspotr for the last few weeks and having a lot of fun with the site. There is a lot you can do and you can actually earn gift cards by earning points. Who doesn’t love to earn gift cards? I am working towards a $10 Amazon card.


The first thing I did was sign up which was easy to do. You can sign up with Facebook.

Add Stores

The first thing I did was to start following stores. I went through their list and added a lot of the stores I normally shop at. Target, Old Navy, Payless, Sears, Amazon, etc. By adding stores you can start following them and following their deals.


The next step was to start to use my spots. You start with 3, I have 10 now. You get more spots the more you are able to spot deals. Spots are when you “spot” a deal. If it gets “hot” then you get points. The amount of points you get depends on which person you were in the list of people who spotted the deal. For example, being the 4th person can get you 25 points and being the 1st can get you 200. Your goal is to be one of the first to spot the deal but you will get points as long as the deal you spotted goes hot.


After I figured out how all of this worked, I started to connect with others. You can connect by “following” people. Then, when you are looking for your spots you can pull up who you follow. This can make it easier to find a good deal. You can also comment on their deals and they can comment on yours. This creates a bit of a community on the site. All people looking and finding deals.

Add Deals

Another way to earn points and be a part of the community is adding deals yourself. This is as simple as finding deals in your email and adding them to the site. Dealspotr tells you if the deal has already been posted. Then people can follow your deals and you earn points when they do that too.


What I Like About Dealspotr

I admit, I love sites where you can earn points and then earn gift cards. I want these sites to be organized and work well. I want to be able to come and only have to spend a few minutes a day on them. Dealspotr is one of these sites. I like how if you only have a few minutes a day you can go, find your spot,  add a deal, connect with a few others and sit back and earn points the rest of the day. This site takes a few minutes to learn how to use but then once you figure it out, you will want to visit every day. Dealspotr is a site where you can easily earn points for rewards by sharing, liking and discussing deals. Deals you might be looking for anyway. Why not earn something from doing that?

Sound good? Come join me over at Dealspotr. Start earning points and gift cards too 🙂

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