Changed Forever: Eliza’s Story Hercules Series Book 1 by Kelly-Beth Cagnon

changed forever

Changed Forever: Eliza’s Story (Hercules Series Book 1)

I really enjoy fiction books about military life, especially when they are written by someone with first-hand experience. What better way to explain how military life really is than a story. I just finished reading the brand new book Changed Forever: Eliza’s Story (Hercules Series Book 1) by new author, Kelly-Beth Cagnon.

Eliza is a bored stay-at-home mom. She desperately wishes for some excitement in her everyday humdrum life. She is living vicariously through her dreams as a Queen in Ancient Egypt. Some nights, the dreams are so vivid, so life like, she wakes up overcome with emotions. Other nights, she wakes up pleasantly surprised by the action in her dreams.

Eliza’s husband, SSG Scott Jackson has just been assigned to a brand new unit at Fort Polk, Louisiana. After months of settling in, Eliza begins to suspect infidelity and confronts her husband. The answer she receives is more than she can bear.

Little does Eliza know, Karma has heard her requests for some excitement and she is about to be sucker punched and have her life flipped upside down.

I love how the two stories come together and both of them kept me wanting to know more. I am so glad this is going to be a series because I can’t wait to read what happens to Eliza and what happens in her dream life in Egypt.

As a military spouse, I felt that the modern parts of the story were so real. As you know, military life is hard and can be messy sometimes. Us spouses have to deal with so many different things from solo parenting to keeping up with the house to supporting our spouse even when it is hard to do so. The author does a good job of bringing all of that into the book.

I was able to interview Kelly-Beth Cagnon and learn a little bit more about her writing and her plans for the future. Kelly is a military spouse of 12 years with two elementary aged children.

I asked Kelly why she wanted to write Changed Forever. She told me that she wanted to write about the military but was also inspired after visiting a museum on Egyptian history. She was fascinated by what she saw and then created her story.

I asked her why she liked writing and she told me that the story came to her and she had to write it. She just hit the ground running and found the writing to be a great stress reliever as well as a creative outlet.

I then asked Kelly if she had any advice for anyone who wanted to write a book and she said to write what’s in your heart, to be true to yourself and to just start writing.

So what’s next for Kelly? She is currently halfway through writing her 2nd book which will show us what is going to happen next with the characters from Changed Forever.

You can find Changed Forever: Eliza’s Story (Hercules Series Book 1) on Amazon!

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