Where Milspouses Can Buy Glasses for a Fun in the Sun Summer

Where Milspouses Can Buy Glasses for a Fun in the Sun SummerWhere Milspouses Can Buy Glasses for a Fun in the Sun Summer

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It’s May! Yay! That means summer is almost here. Towards the end of the month, our local pools will open, and we will be buying our pool passes. For the last couple of years, our family has gotten pool passes to enjoy the local pools here in town. We love to swim and be in the water.

Having the pass, we can go for an hour or all day. It doesn’t matter. The boys love to play in the water, and I think this year my six-year-old will be brave enough to go on the slide. I also love to bring a book, and although I do get in the water too, I also enjoy watching the boys while diving into a book. Last year was the first year I felt confident in all of their swimming abilities to be able to do this, so if you are not there yet, you will be eventually.

At our pool, we also have adult only swim for about 10 minutes every hour. This clears the kids out of the pool, and you have to be over 18 to be in during this time. My boys like to steal my chair or have some snacks, and sometimes I will try to get a few laps in.

When I am not at the pool, I wear glasses. I started wearing them when I was about 17 years old. I don’t usually wear my contacts anymore, and I don’t like wearing them when I am in the water. They feel weird on my eyes and I am just not a fan. So I bring my glasses and take them off when I am in the water.

But being that the sun is bright and we are out enjoying the summer, I need sunglasses. As I don’t wear contacts, I can’t just buy a pair and wear them like other people do and I am not a fan of the clip on ones. So what is the solution? Prescription sunglasses! That way I can shield my eyes from the sun and still see where I am going, which is so important with these three boys. I can wear them at the pool, when I got to the park, or anywhere one would want to wear sunglasses.

Where to buy prescription sunglasses

Tricare, unfortunately, does not give us money for glasses, either regular or sunglasses but that doesn’t mean we have to break the bank when we buy them. Discountglasses.com is an excellent choice for glasses. You order online with your prescription after picking out the perfect pair for the summer, or any time of year.

Check out some of what they have to offer…


These purple glasses caught my eye!

purple glasses

Love the style of these!

sunglassesThey have quite a few to choose from in their women’s prescription sunglasses section.

With DiscountGlasses.com, you can look through their selection of classic, fashion or sports frame styles. You can also search by color, frame, and top brands.

You will need to either enter your prescription, give them a copy of your prescription, or give them your eye doctor’s information so they can get the prescription that way.

They also offer free return shipping if you are not happy with your glasses. That way, if the frames you picked out are not going to work for you, you can return them and pick out something else.

They offer free shipping in the US and Canada as well as APOs, FPOs, and DPOs. As they are passionate about the military, they will also not add any extra shipping surcharges for shipping to the military overseas.

So whether you need glasses or contacts, check out this great company that supports the military.

You can also use the code, BLOGDCLDG10 which is good for 10% off on DiscountGlasses.com or DiscountContactLenses.com. Some exceptions apply

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