Why You Should Take Your Military Family To Disneyland Or Walt Disney World in 2018

Why You Should Take Your Military Family To Disneyland Or Walt Disney World in 2018

Are you a fan of Disney? I am! I love Disneyland, and while I have never been to Walt Disney World, I am sure I would love that place too. I love the magic, the rides, and everything about the place. Growing up I lived about 20 minutes from Disneyland and had annual passes. Since I moved away I have been able to go at least once every few years.

As you are looking ahead to 2018 and thinking about where to go as a family, Disney is a perfect option. Here is why:

Why You Should Take Your Military Family To Disneyland Or Walt Disney World in 2018


1. The Magic

Disney is magic! And that is why people go back year after year. If you have never taken your family to Disney, 2018 should be your year. Most amusement parks can be a lot of fun but Disney brings it to another level.

2. Because your service member just back from a deployment

Post-deployment trips are the best. Planning them can be a lot of fun and then to be able to spend that time together after a deployment is the best. Disney can make for a wonderful post-deployment trip.


3. Because your service member will be deployed sometime soon

If you have a deployment coming up, having a pre-deployment trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World can be the right place to go to make some memories before they have to go. Spending quality time together as a family before you have to be apart is a must.

4. Because you want to check on Star Wars Land

Our family is pretty excited about Star Wars Land coming in 2019. They are building Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and another one at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you go to the parks in 2018, you will get a sneak peek into this new land. When we were at Disneyland in July, we were able to see what they were working on and it just made us that much more excited to see the land when it opens.

5. Because you live close and will be PCSing soon

For those that live in Southern California or Florida or anywhere within a few hours drive of the parks, taking a trip while you live close is a good idea. You could be PCSing soon which would mean additional travel so take advantage of being close for the time being and plan a trip in 2018.

6. Because you have always wanted to go

Let’s face it, so many of us have dreams of visiting Disney. I am still dreaming to go to Disney World myself. Maybe 2018 is your year to finally do so?


7. Because they have an amazing military discount

Disney has an amazing discount for the military! They have also extended their Armed Services Salute tickets at Disneyland and Walt Disney World for 2018. Although the price went up a little from 2017, this is still a fantastic deal! We used this discount this year to spend three days at Disneyland.

For 2018, here is what you can get:

Disneyland: You can get the three-day park hopper pass for $168 or a four-day for $188. You can purchase these tickets from 11/1/17 through 12/16/18, and you will need to visit the parks between 01/1/18-03/22/18 and 04/9/18-12/19/18. You can also purchase the Disney PhotoPass for $49.

Walt Disney World: You can get the four-day park hopper pass from now until 12/16/18 for $226 plus tax or the five-day hopper pass from now until 12/15/18 for $246 plus tax. You can add the Park Hopper Plus for $40 plus tax. You will need to go to the park between 01/01/18-12/19/18. You can also add the Memory Maker for $98.

I am so thankful for Disney for giving us this military discount year after year. Having this allows families to take a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World and save a bit of money doing so.

Will you be a planning a trip in 2018 or even sometime in 2017? 

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