Winter Is Coming, Time To Clean Your Stinky Winter Boots


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Winter Is Coming, Time To Clean Your Stinky Winter Boots

One of the challenges of military life is that when our spouse is gone, we are in charge of everything in the home. From the laundry, to the dishes, to mowing the lawn. When your kids are old enough, they can help but everything still falls on you to get done. There is no other adult to ask for help or contribute to the chores that should be done every day.

Winter brings additional chores depending on where you live. If you live in a place with a lot of snow or even rain, you will want to wear your winter boots on a regular basis. And with that brings stinky boots, which does not make things smell very good, especially with a houseful of them.

If you are lucky, you have a mud room to take them off in, if not, you will want to get them smelling nice as soon as you can. Who wants to smell stinky boots while they are cooking dinner? I know I don’t.

Funkaway has the perfect product for stinky winter boots, or anything else you want to make smell a bit better. I have three boys and a husband in the National Guard with a physical civilian job. Things can get pretty stinky around here. This product will save you time when it comes to keeping things clean and smelling good.


You can use The Heavyweight bottle to spray the insides on those stinky boots. If you need to, you can also get the 3.4oz traveler size to keep in a sports bag.

With Black Friday right around the corner, FunkAway will have a free shipping weekend12:01 am Friday (Nov 24) -11:59 pm Monday (Nov 27)

After that, you can still get in on the holiday deals! When you buy $12 worth of FunkAway product, get a free Traveler size (3.4 oz) to add as a Stocking Stuffer!


So head on over to FunkAway to check out some of their products. With the holidays coming, they make good stocking stuffers or something to have around the house for the stinky boot season. Get your boots smelling better and enjoy the season!

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