How To Order A Breast Pump That Is Covered By TRICARE

How To Order A Breast Pump That Is Covered By TRICARE

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Did you know that you can order a breast pump that is covered 100% by TRICARE? This started in 2014, and yes it is true. For every one birth event you have, you can receive one breast pump.

How To Order A Breast Pump That Is Covered By TRICARE

Here is how you can do so with the Breastfeeding Shop:

A birth event is considered either giving birth or adopting with plans to breastfeed. This benefit is for all types of TRICARE, and all types of military service. That means it doesn’t matter if the sponsor is active duty, National Guard, Reserves, or Retired. They all qualify.

You can receive your breast pump before or after delivery. Most moms like to do so before, so they can have the breast pump ready to go when the baby comes.

The Breastfeeding Shop offers top rated breast pumps and makes it easy to order using your TRICARE benefit. Here are the steps you need to take to do so:

How To Order A Breast Pump That Is Covered By TRICARE

1. Your prescription

You will need to get your prescription from your doctor, who will need to be an authorized TRICARE provider. This means a doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or a nurse midwife. The Breastfeeding Shop can contact them for you, but this will take a bit longer to do so than getting the prescription from them yourself. You can also have your doctor fax over your prescription to The Breastfeeding Shop. The fax number is 866-430-7882, and you would need to note that is what you will be doing in the comments section when filling out the online order form.

2. Find the right breast pump

You will need to decide on which breast pump is right for you. Currently, there are eight choices on The Breastfeeding Shop’s order form. You can also choose “other” and then call them at 866-255-6779. They do work with most of the major manufacturers.

3. Fill out the order form

You will need to then fill out the order form on The Breastfeeding Shop’s website. This is a simple process and won’t take you very long. You can also do this on The Breastfeeding Shop’s app. Make sure you fill out the form as completely as you can. Please note that there is a different order form if you live in Pennsylvania. If you would like, you can also order by phone.

4. The breast pump will be shipped to you

The breast pump you have chosen will be shipped directly to you. In a lot of cases, you will have it the next day if you live in the United States. Shipping will take longer if you are stationed overseas. If you do need your breast pump ASAP, they do offer same day shipping.

How To Order A Breast Pump That Is Covered By TRICARE

What else do you need to know?

The coverage from TRICARE is not limited to a specific manufacturer, brand or model number. The TRICARE benefit also covers the following breast pump accessories: standard power adaptors, tubing, and tubing adapters locking rings, bottles, bottle caps, shield/splash protectors, storage bags, and up to two breast pump kits per birth event.

You can receive your breast pump and accessories before delivery or up to three years, or 36 months after the birth event. That date is either your baby’s birth date or their adoption date.

If you would like more information on The Breastfeeding Shop, makes sure to visit their website as well as some of my other posts on what they have to offer:

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