How To Make Friends When Your Kids Are All In School

How To Make Friends When Your Kids Are All In School

When your kids are small, making friends seems to be a bit easier, especially within military communities. Everyone has small kids, or so it seems. But something happens when your youngest child goes off to school, and you don’t have anyone at home with you all day anymore. Finding friends can be a bit more difficult once those toddler years are over.

How To Make Friends When Your Kids Are All In School

While a lot of civilians still live near people they met when their kids were younger, military spouses might not have that luxury. I know for me, thatĀ almost every single person I ever had a playdate with during the first few years of my son’s life has moved away. Those friends I used to meet at Chick-Fil-A at? They PCSd years ago. I have had to start over, and that is a lot harder to do when you don’t have little kids.

You start a new chapter in parenthood when your youngest child goes to school. Diapers are now in the past, you are probably sleeping pretty well, and your children start to make friends without you. You have less control than you once did, and sometimes you can go a long time without meeting the parents of your child’s friends from school. It’s just a different parenting world.

So what can you do? How do you make friends as a mom of older kids?


Sports are such a good place to make friends. You have to be there anyway, and often your kids will be with the same kids season after season. And usually, your kids will get along too. While you are sitting there watching your kid play, you can start conversations with other parents, and start to make friends that way.

How To Make Friends When Your Kids Are All In School


Whether it is boy scouts or girl scouts, getting to know the other parents will be a good idea. Whether you are going to the events or even just the weekly meetings, you can start to meet the other moms and dads of those in your child’s group. Scouts can take a lot of your time but the benefit with that, more chances to meet people who you know you have something in common with.

Groups for you

You don’t just have to stick to groups for your kids, why not go to groups and clubs for yourself? Whether you are into running, books, arts, and crafts, or motorcycle riding. Finding people you have something in common with a good first step when it comes to making friends. Check out your local community to see what they have available that you might be able to join.

How To Make Friends When Your Kids Are All In School


If you have a job outside the home, or even if you work from home, you can make friends through your work. While some people prefer to keep life and work separate, grabbing dinner with coworkers or planning a night in together can be a great thing. No kids involved.


The FRG, I know, gets a bad wrap. And maybe when you go all you see is moms with babies, and you feel like you are simply too old to be there. But give your FRG a chance. Most likely there is at least one other person in the Company who is in the same stage of life that you are, and they might be worth pursuing as a friend.

As we get older and our kids get older, connecting with other people doesn’t always come as easily as it once did, but there are ways to meet and befriend others during this new season of your life.

How have you been able to make friends now that your children are older?

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