4 Tips For Your Next Short-Term Move

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4 Tips For Your Next Short-Term Move

Short-term moves can happen in military life. Not every military family stays put for three to four years. Maybe there is a special school that your service member needs to go to; maybe it just makes more sense to move home for the time he will be deployed, whatever the reason, a short-term move can come with its only complications.


Here are four tips to help you through a short-term move:

It’s okay to unpack

Living out of suitcases stops being fun after about a week. If you can, unpack in your temporary home. Make the place your own, as much as you can. Decorate the walls, put up a few photos, add those personal touches. No, you can’t do all the things you would want to do if you were going to live there for a few years, but you can still make the place a beautiful place to live, even for a few short months.

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While there are some things you will want in your home, it can be much easier to rent furniture on a temporary basis, put your regular items in storage, and enjoy what works for your temporary home. It is one thing to buy a new couch to fit a home you will be in for three years and another when you will only be there for a few months.

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You can still make friends

It can be tempting not to want to put yourself out there when you know you will be moving again soon but don’t be afraid to make friends. Even if you are only able to be friends in person for a few months, you can carry on your friendship online and through phone calls for the rest of your lives. And you never know when you might end up at the same duty station again.

Make a bucket list

Make a bucket list of all the things you want to do during your time at your short-term location. This way, you won’t be moving away without seeing what you wanted to see. If you need ideas, you can always check out a tour book, talk to people who live there or read about the area online.

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Moving is never easy and can be a bit overwhelming when you know you are going to be someplace for a limited amount of time. These tips for a short-term move should help you the next time you have to do so.


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