No, Your Military Man Doesn’t Need Money For Food

No, Your Military Man Doesn’t Need Money For Food

No, Your Military Man Doesn't Need Money For Food

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As a military spouse blogger, I do get emails or messages from military girlfriends that are a little concerned about the military service member they are dating. There is something about the relationship that doesn’t sit right to them. Their gut is telling them something, and something just doesn’t feel 100% right.

The situation is usually that a woman has met someone online. This is of itself isn’t strange in 2018. A lot of people meet online, and many happy and successful marriages and relationships result from doing so, both in and out of the military.

But in this case, after meeting online, the woman is sent photos of a service member. She is led to believe she is now talking with or dating a member of the US military. They might have a name, backstory, and a history of military service.

Then, at some point, the service member asks her for money.

This is where things get tricky…

He might say the money is for food, or to take leave. There are many different reasons they might give. The problem with this is that someone who serves in the US military doesn’t need food for money or to take leave. This is provided for them.

No, Your Military Man Doesn't Need Money For Food

When my husband was deployed, he might have needed money for things like the internet, fun items, etc. But never for regular meals. The military provides those. The military paid for and sent him home on leave, I didn’t have to send anyone money to do so.

The scam works in different ways, but these “service members” want you, the unsuspecting girlfriend to send them money, or to even send money to a service. The amount they are asking for blows me away. It’s not just $10 here or there, but into the hundreds or thousands.

If a woman gives into this scam, not only will she be out the money but also heartbroken over finding out that what they felt was a real relationship, really wasn’t.

My friends at Army Wife 101 have written a book all about this topic! Knowing what is real and what isn’t is so important when it comes to meeting and dating service members online.

Like I said before, there are honest and real service members out there, and some amazing relationships that have started from online dating. But there are also scammers and people who will lie and fake their way into getting what they want.

The Savvy Girls Guide to Outsmarting Fake Military Scammers by Jackie Toops and Krystel Spell talks about all of this.

In the book you can learn about:

-true stories of other women conned out of money

-surefire tips to know if your potential online soulmate is really who they say they are

-proven methods to help safeguard your heart and your finances

-a safer way to find and date “REAL” military personnel

You can purchase their Ebook for just $10! Click here to visit Army Wife 101 and purchase your book!

The online world is amazing, but can allow people to take advantage of others. Learn how to protect yourself and stay away from the scammers!

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