Shopping All-American For Your Holiday Decorations

Shopping All-American For Your Holiday Decorations

Shopping All-American For Your Holiday Decorations

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The holidays are here! I can’t believe it. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve always seem to come in a blur of excitement and memories.

As you look ahead to these holidays, you might be waiting for your spouse to return home from a deployment. There have been a few times when my husband got home right before Thanksgiving. These holiday homecomings were the best as he was home with us in time to celebrate.

You might be waiting on family to come for a visit. Maybe this is the first time they have visited you at your new duty station and you can’t wait to share your new home with them.

Or maybe you are excited about this season because you plan to host some friends for the holidays. Often times, when the service member is away, spouses get together and celebrate so that the days are still a lot of fun and you can enjoy them with others who understand what it is like to go through a deployment too.

Whatever the reason, as you get ready to decorate your home, how about going with an All-American theme? You can do this by purchasing holiday decorations that were made in the USA. One of the best ways to do so is through the new website, AnytownUSA.

AnytownUSA is a marketplace with sellers from all over the United States. Sellers have to certify that they comply with FTC “Made in the USA” Guidelines.

Why is this so important? A lot of people want products made in the USA. According to a Consumer Reports article, people want to buy “Made in the USA” products for a few different reasons. They want to help keep manufacturing jobs at home, to help the US economy, to keep America strong in the global community, and to be patriotic.

Geralyn Breig, the founder of AnytownUSA felt it is so important to support US businesses. AnytownUSA solves the problem of where to find these products by offering them on in one place.

On AnytownUSA you will:

  • Find one-of-a-kind handmade items, custom-made by skilled craftsmen and women in the US.
  • Discover small and medium regional brands, manufactured in towns across the fifty states from Hawaii to Maine.
  • See select national brands that proudly still manufacture some or all of their product lines right here at home.
  • Learn the stories of these amazing craftspeople and proud companies.

On each product page, you can see the “Made in the USA,” “Made in the USA of US and imported material,” or “Made in the USA of imported material” symbol in order for you to know exactly where your product is coming from. There is also a “Handmade in the USA” symbol to let you know if the item was handmade.

Products sold on are certified by sellers as produced and labeled in accordance with FTC guidelines for products made in the USA.

Another exciting thing about AnytownUSA is that they have a military discount. At checkout military members and spouses can click “military discount” to receive 10% off every item, every day, from every seller. This will be done by using ID.Me to verify military service. How great is that?

Let’s get back to the holidays. Whether you simply want to decorate for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or are planning a big holiday dinner, here are some “Made in the USA” products that might work well:

Shopping All-American For Your Holiday Decorations

Pumpkin Spice, Winter Wonderland, and Mulled Cider Soy Candles, 9oz by Sweet Water Decor

These candles smell amazing and are so cute to put on your table this holiday season. Every product from Sweet Water Decor is designed with hand lettering by the creator, so you will be getting something unique with their products.

Shopping All-American For Your Holiday Decorations

Mistletoe Paper Placemats, by Lucy Grymes

These placemats can brighten up any table. They are disposable, which makes for easy cleanup. 24 come in each pad. Lucy Grymes is the creator and has always had an obsession with anything colorful and patterned which comes across in her products both for the holidays and any time of the year.

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