Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

Can you believe this is the last day of the year? 2019…here we come.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

It’s been an interesting year for me. I started school, have taken on a lot more freelance writing work, and of course, seen my boys grow a little older. We had a big trip to California and have enjoyed another year here in the Fort Campbell area.

And as always, I have continued to blog. As I look at my stats for 2018, here are the top 10 blog posts of 2018, from Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life…

10. 10 Memes for the Military Spouse With Children-

If you are a military spouse with children, here are some memes just for you.

9. For the Military Spouse, When The Deployment Begins-

When a deployment first starts, you can be hit with so many emotions. Here is a reminder about how to get through.

8. Why The Military Should Always Be Paid, Always-

Because of what happens in Washington DC, military families sometimes have to worry about not being paid. That’s not cool and this post is all about why the military should always be paid no matter what.

7. Why You Should Be Tipping the Commissary Baggers-

If you are going to use the Commissary, and have someone take your bags out to your car for you, please tip them. This is a part of how the Commissary works and it doesn’t have to be a big deal.

6. To the Military Spouse Starting Their First Deployment This Year-

If you haven’t ever gone through a deployment before, you might be pretty overwhelmed and not sure what to expect. Know that you are not alone in this, many are going through the same thing.

5. 9 Things You Can Say To People Who Tell You They Could Never Do Military Spouse Life-

Ever have someone tell you they could never do the military spouse life? If so, here is what you can say to them.

4. What a Government Shutdown Means to a Military Family-

A government shutdown can be a big deal to a military family. This post explains why.

3. 15 Memes That Explain What Military Life is Really Like-

Memes are fun to make and I enjoy sharing them so much! This meme post is for more general military life memes. Enjoy!

2. The Big List of Facebook Groups For Military Spouses You Should Absolutely Join-

There are quite a few Facebook groups just for Military Spouses. This post will tell you about a lot of them. See any you want to join?

1. What You Should Do When Your Boyfriend Wants to Join the Military-

There are so many military girlfriends out there, who are not quite sure what to think about their boyfriend wanting to join the military. This post is all about that and what you can do if you find yourself in this type of situation.

Here on Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life you will find posts on surviving deployment, going through a PCS, military marriage, military children, and more.

Thank you for being a fan! I am looking forward to bring you more GREAT content in 2019! 

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