Have you heard what Macy’s is doing to help military families this summer?

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Have you heard what Macy’s is doing to help military families this summer?

If not, here you go. Macy’s is offering their Macy’s Salutes Those Who Serve this summer from July 1st through July 18th. What is Macy’s Salutes Those Who Serve?

Between those dates, you can simply round up your Macy’s purchase amount, and donate that amount up to $.99 to Blue Star Families and Bunker Labs.

Helping Blue Star Families in this way means helping create communities of mutual support and stability for military families who experience frequent moves and deployments. The other portion of the change will go to Bunker Labs, which is a group that inspires, equips, and connects military veterans, active duty, military spouses, and family members to start and grow successful businesses.

Sounds pretty amazing right?

We were able to take a trip to Macy’s in anticipation of this upcoming campaign. I was also able to go on a little shopping spree and pick out a few things. My husband found a pretty amazing shirt, we bought some new bed sheets, a new cookie sheet, and my son picked out a pretty rocking Avenger’s backpack set.

Although each Macy’s may look a bit different, the Macy’s at Green Hills Mall in Nashville is three stories high with so many different departments. This mall is about an hour from Fort Campbell.

You can find new furniture and items for your home after a PCS in their home section, find a new bathing suit in their swim section, or start shopping for new school clothes for the kids for the fall.

They have make-up counters, shoes, purses, and more. You can even use their free styling service if you want to try out some new looks. Macy’s is also bright and had such a nice atmosphere. We enjoyed walking around the whole store, checking out all the different departments.

I think my son’s favorite part of the visit was the VR set they had to help you try out different looks for your home. Every time we go to that store, that is the first thing he wants to do.

So…make plans to head to your local Macy’s store, or visit one on vacation and round up your purchases to help raise money that will help military families.

Remember, this campaign goes from July 1st, through July 18th.

Blue Star Families is also going to be giving away a $1,000 Macy’s gift card! This would be an amazing prize to win to put towards new household items during your next PCS or pick out homecoming outfits for your whole family.

How do you enter this awesome giveaway?

Just fill out this form here—>>> https://bluestarfam.org/macys-salutes-those-who-serve/

Good luck!

I am so thankful for companies like Macy’s that see there is a need to help military families and then make it happen. Make sure you choose to round up when you head to Macy’s between July 1st and July 18th. The military community will really appreciate it.

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