Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride in Nashville, TN

Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride in Nashville, TN

  On Friday, I had a guest post about the Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride.  It just so happens that we got invited to the Soldier Ride in Nashville to cheer my friend’s husband (and everyone else riding) on.  We left early Saturday morning and got there just in time for the opening ceremony. It was such a great thing to see!  So many people riding their bikes.  They also have a walk and we are thinking of really trying to do it next year.   I had not heard of this before.  It sounded like my friend’s husband had a …

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Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride Guest Post

Renee from 1-800-PACK-RAT has provided a guest post for my blog on the Wounded Warrior’s Soldier Ride.  Renee was not only raised in the military, but also served herself.  Thank you Renee for this post 🙂 I hope to be able to attend the Soldier Ride in Nashville tomorrow.  One of my friend’s husband’s will be riding in it.  I will blog about that next week. Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride Most anyone would find a 3 to 5 day cycling event challenging.  Now imagine if you were making that ride in spite of a physical injury.  But that is …

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Moving During Military Life

Moving During Military Life

When I was in college and annoyed about moving for the 6th or 7th time in 4 years my mom said, “Think of all those military wives who have to move all the time with their families.”  Little did either one of us know I would someday be a military wife.  Maybe all that moving I did in college prepared me 🙂 When my husband joined the Army and it was time to move to Germany I was thrilled that the Army sent people to not only move us but also to pack us up.  By this point I think …

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What Happened On 9/11

I was a senior in college and had been dating my husband for about 5 months.  That morning I was asleep when everything happened.  It was early morning in California.  I am one of those “snooze” people.  I sometimes hit the snooze button on my alarm up to 5 times.  And I always wake up to the radio.  Well on this morning when my alarm first went off I remember hearing about a plane crash.  That can happen so I hit snooze and went back to sleep.  My alarm went off again and I woke up to President Bush speaking …

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The Changing of Seasons

This weekend we celebrated Labor Day which to a lot of us means summer is over.  School is back in session and life takes on a different pace.  I look outside and see the leaves changing colors.  It’s time for fall to make its appearance. Since I didn’t grow up in a place with very obvious seasons, I really enjoy seeing the seasons change.  I love watching the leaves turn to orange, yellow or red and fell the air get cooler.  Then I love waiting for that first snowfall and chill.  Then once it is time for spring it just …

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Jim Beam and Kid Rock Donate $100,000 to Operation Homefront

Whenever I hear about celebrities helping or supporting the military, I get really happy. Jim Beam has a partnership with Kid Rock and together they donated $100,000 to Operation Homefront at his concert in Chicago on Sunday night. Beam Global Spirits & Wine President and CEO Matt Shattock, with the help of Kid Rock, presents Jim Beam’s $100,000 donation to Operation Homefront President and CEO Jim Knotts backstage at Kid Rock’s concert in Chicago on Saturday, July 31.  Since forming a partnership in 2008 with Operation Homefront, provider of emergency financial aid and critical assistance to U.S. troops, their families, …

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Military Marriage and Our Life Before the Army

Military Marriage and Our Life Before the Army

When I first met my husband he was 25 years old and had been out of the Army for about 4 years. It was in his past, something he did for a couple of years after high school.  We dated, got engaged and got married. No plans to join the Army again. Fast forward to 2005 and here we were in the recruiter’s office in Lexington, KY getting all the paperwork together. We had been married a little over 3 years and it was a joint decision. He left for Germany on Nov 7th, 2005 and that was when we …

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CSN Review of the Arm’s Reach Mini Co-sleeper

CSNstores.com asked me to review one of their products a little bit ago.  I picked out the Arm’s Reach Mini-Co sleeper for our new baby.  We went with the toffee color which is such a pretty color of brown.  It was so nice because I received it in about a week’s time.     We were able to set it up pretty easily.  We don’t have it attached to the bed yet but since I have a feeling the next 18 weeks will fly by we will be doing it sooner  than we think.  I love walking in my room …

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And at the end of it all…Homecoming!

Military Homecoming

One thing I try to keep in mind is that at the end of the deployment, we get to experience something wonderful…homecoming. After all the long nights, computer conversations, emotional breakdowns, tears and lonely nights…it is finally over.  You wake up with a smile on your face thinking, “Is today really the day?” And it is. You get ready as soon as you can only to have hours to sit and wait for the final phone call. And finally, you get it. Someone on the other end of the line tells you those magical words, “Your soldier will be arriving …

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When You Have To Fill The Role Of Mom And Dad

When You Have To Fill The Role Of Mom And Dad

One reality of being a military wife is that for periods of time I have to be both mom and dad.  I have to do it all.  And that can be really really hard.  I have had to make a lot of decisions that other couples might make together.  And then I get to tell daddy after the fact. This is because of schedules and what he has been doing while overseas. While I could talk with him it was hard to ask him about what I should do when it came to the kids. It was easier to just …

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