Shopping in Germany, Tchibo Stores

Being over in Germany I miss a lot of my favorite stores.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t found a few stores here in Germany that I love to go too.  One of my favorite shops that I know I am really going to miss is Tchibo.  And no they are not paying me or giving me anything free (I wish.) My mom actually discovered Tchibo first when she bought a super cool sweater for one of my boys while she was visiting in Dec 2006.  This shop has a little bit of everything from clothing to furniture to decor.   …

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Things to do in Germany with Kids : Playmobil Park

Playmobil Park

I grew up playing with Playmobil and I love the stuff.  We have been collecting it the whole time we have been married.  Now both of my boys LOVE it.  It is everywhere in Germany and they even have a Theme park.  We took the boys there for my son’s 4th birthday. There are so many fun things for the kids to do.  It’s great!  Lots of water play and climbing fun.  They also have this huge inside area where they have almost every set they ever made for the kids to play with.  It is all set up by …

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Auf Wiedersehen and Goodbye

We have less than 2 months in Germany! About 8 weeks left!  In some ways, it seems hard to believe.  That we will get on an airplane and our time here will be over. On the other hand, it is a long time coming and I am so ready to live in the US again. I will miss the bakeries, the church bells and the whole experience of living somewhere in Europe however I am really looking forward to a lot of things I have missed. Here is my list: Target Starbucks (They have these in Germany but not anywhere …

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