Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits

How To Receive Your Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits

I was contacted by  The United States Department of Veterans Affairs to post the steps to take to receive the Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits. When a military member uses their GI Bill benefits they can go back to school and it will allow them to find a job post-military life or will allow them to do more with their military career. There are a lot of benefits to going back to school and it is great that the GI bill is there to help those that have served their country get ahead. Some do not take advantage of these …

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Flooding in Clarksville Tennessee

I am sure most of you have heard of all the rain and flooding we are having here in Tennessee.  We are OK but our basement is flooding a little bit.  The good thing is that it didn’t get any worse overnight.  I was worried we would wake up to a really horrible mess this morning.  Now the backyard is another story.   We have some woods behind our house and last night right before it got dark I looked out there and saw that the lake that has started to form was getting pretty bad.  But there is a …

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The Ocean Between Us Book Review

  I love to read a lot of fiction books.  Since becoming a military wife I haven’t found too many stories out there that are based on a military family.  So when I heard about this book I was super excited! I can say it hasn’t let me down.  I am really enjoying the book.  The characters are likable and the emotions seem pretty real for a military family going through what they are going through. The Ocean Between Us by Susan Wiggs The Ocean Between Us is a powerful novel of love, duty and second chances.  Susan Wiggs deftly …

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The Life of the Military Child

The Life of the Military Child

April is the Month of the Military child. These special boys and girls have different lives than children whose parents are in different careers. They see more, do more and experience more than anyone else. Some of these experiences are amazing like visiting other countries or getting to live in them. Other experiences are not as great such as going a year without seeing their dad or having to say goodbye to one more friend.   The military child lives a very special life.  They start serving their country from day one.  They have to say goodbye to daddy (or …

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Writing Handwritten Letters To Your Spouse Overseas

Writing Handwritten Letters To Your Spouse Overseas

  I left for college in 1997 and email was very new.  My dad hooked us up with Prodigy and then AOL when I was in high school but it wasn’t until I started college that most of my friends had email too.  For the first few years, we still wrote handwritten letters to each other.  I loved that and I miss it these days.  I had this box filled with stationary.  I loved getting it out  and writing my friends letters.  Updating them on my life, seeing how things were going. By the time, I graduated college email was …

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Getting Through A Deployment

Getting Through Your Deployment

Getting Through A Deployment I have gotten a few emails recently about how to get through a deployment.  So I figured I would do a blog post about it. When I finally know when my husband is going to deploy, I start making some plans on how to deal with what is going to happen and get through it.  I make lists.  Lists of things I can do for fun.  Lists of things I want to accomplish.  Lists of places I want to go. The lists never seem to end but they are helpful in keeping focused on getting through a …

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When the worst happens :(

I was heartbroken to hear about a fellow military wife blogger who lost her husband in Afghanistan 🙁 There are no words we can say to comfort her.  There is nothing we can do it take away the pain.  It is our biggest fear as a military wife 🙁  We feel pain deeply for the families who have lost someone because it is something we all have to think about. In 2007 my husband got extended in Iraq.  From 9 months to 12 months to 15 months.  THAT was hard.  But what made it worse was how many men …

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One Little German Village, Erbendorf

I wanted to post about where we use to live.  Now that we don’t live there anymore I feel more comfortable talking about it.We use to live in Erbendorf which is about 25 minutes from the Grafenwoehr Army post in Bavaria. We use to live in Erbendorf which is about 25 minutes from the Grafenwoehr Army post in Bavaria. The village is cute.  It’s small.  Really small.  The people are friendly.  Lots of cute places to walk. We lived living off post in Germany outside of Graf. We lived in Gov’t leased housing.  Which in Germany means living off post …

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