9 Reasons Why PCSing Can Be Amazing, in GIFs

Are you moving this summer? Summer is PCS season and so many military families will be going to a new duty station in the next few months. Some military families will be excited to PCS, and others, not as much. PCSing can be such an amazing thing. Moving is a fresh start, and while super stressful, can be an exciting part of military life. When I talk to military spouses who have been doing this forever, they have such a fantastic list of places their family has called home. In case you are feeling down about your future PCS, or …

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The Milspouse Guide to Spring Cleaning

The Milspouse Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring is right around the corner, and a time to clean out our homes, and get things a little more organized. Maybe you are going to be PCSing this next year, or may you are not going to moving anytime soon, but either way, working on your home is a good thing. Here are some fun tips to help you with your spring cleaning: Remove extra PCS stickers, you know you still have some from your last move. Unless you want to make a PCS sticker ornament. Do you really need to keep those curtains? You haven’t used them in …

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Being Stationed at Mountain Home AFB

Being Stationed at Mountain Home AFB

I am super excited to have Danielle from Letters to a Military Spouse to tell us all about what it is like to be stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho. If you would like to guest post about your duty station, please let me know! I would love to hear about your experiences. Welcome to Mountain Home! When I first found out, during my husband’s tech school, that we would be going to Mountain Home AFB, I’m not going to lie; I was slightly disappointed. Maybe I felt this way because we were only moving 4 1/2 …

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The 10 Worst Duty Stations

The 10 Worst Duty Stations

Duty stations are such a popular topic. People always want to know everything about where they are going to PCS or the differences in duty stations. They want to know all about the best duty stations and the worst duty stations. I have thought about making a list of the 10 worst duty stations for a while. I know there are certain places where people just dread going, and maybe for good reason. These places aren’t the ideal, especially when you could get stationed at some amazing places. However, I also strongly believe that you can “bloom where you are …

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What To Do When You Are Feeling Homesick At Your Duty Station

At Your Duty Station

As a military spouse, you might be far from home and that isn’t always easy. Being the family member that misses everything is hard. Being the one that can’t go to the baby shower or misses birthdays on a regular basis is difficult to deal with. Being the one without having family nearby can be frustrating. As a military family you could end up in so many amazing places, Hawaii, Germany, Japan…✈️ You might end up on the East Coast when you have never been east of Utah before. You might end up in South Korea when you never even …

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Life at Edwards AFB in California

Life at Edwards AFB in California Hey there, my name is Catherine. I’m an Air Force wife, mother to 2 beautiful daughters and content creator for my blog Love always, Catherine. We’ve been stationed at Edwards AFB in California for about 3 years now and have come to know life on and off base quite well. Tell me about the area When I mention California, you may be thinking sunny beaches and tons of ocean right? Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Edwards AFB is located in the desert. Yes, the beautiful desert where the …

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How to Plan a PCS Road Trip

This post is sponsored by Pcsing.com!  You are stationed in New York, and your spouse gets orders to Arizona. Report date? June 15th! With your three kids, two dogs, and big old van, why not turn your PCS into a PCS road trip? Sometimes when you PCS you will get on an airplane, and land in your new location hours later. You are excited about your new duty station, but the plane trip? Not so much. If you go on a PCS road trip, the actual time it takes to get there can be just as exciting. When planning such a …

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That Darn Emergency Contact


That Darn Emergency Contact One part of military life is possibly moving every few years. In a 20-year long military career, you could move anywhere from two or three to eight or nine depending on career plans. For some, moving every two or three years is normal. Some military families move even more often. While sometimes you do get to stay at the same duty station for a longer period of time, that isn’t the norm. When you move, you really have to start over. You have to make a new house a home, you have to find new doctors, dentists, even …

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4 Tips For Your Next Short-Term Move

4 Tips For Your Next Short-Term Move

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine. 4 Tips For Your Next Short-Term Move Short-term moves can happen in military life. Not every military family stays put for three to four years. Maybe there is a special school that your service member needs to go to; maybe it just makes more sense to move home for the time he will be deployed, whatever the reason, a short-term move can come with its only complications.   Here are four tips to help you through a short-term move: It’s …

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How To Go About House Hunting From Afar

How To Go About House Hunting From Afar

Excited to have this guest post from Millie! Please visit my Duty Station Guest Posts page for more information on guest posting 🙂 How To Go About House Hunting From Afar “We have orders to WHERE???” By Kellie Artis, gomillie.com Once the orders drop, there are a few decisions that need to be made: will we live on base or off? And if we decide to live off base, will we rent or will we buy? Each of these decision points come with several considerations, but let’s just say that you decide to rent or buy a home in the …

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