10 Reasons Why I Love Fall

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Fall has always been my favorite season. September and October have always been my favorite months. I just love this time of year. Here are 10 reasons why.

1) Leaves I love when the leaves fall. They cover my yard and I can look out the window and know it is fall. Leaves can also be a bit of a pain because you have to pick them up. When you get as many as we do, it is really annoying. However, I still love that they fall and make for a fun place to play and take pictures.download (12)

2) Halloween  One of my favorite holidays. I love that my kids dress up and we love to go out and attend a few different events around the area. The candy is nice too but my favorite part is walking around with your community and looking at all the cute costumes. And I still have the best memories of celebrating Halloween at school which sadly they don’t do here. We used to have a parade around the campus. So much fun!

3) Hoodies and sweaters I love hoodies. I love them so much. It drives me nuts that I can’t wear them when it is hot. Something about them makes me feel good. And when I can wear just a hoodie and no jacket, it is perfect.

4) Pumpkins Pumpkin drinks, pumpkin treats, pumpkin patches, pumpkins everywhere. I love to see it. Something about a pumpkin makes me smile. I am not even that big of a fan of pumpkin drinks but I love the time of year they come out.download (11)

5) Cooler weather I know I keep saying I want to go back to California but I really am a four seasons type of girl. I love each season at first but then I get ready for the next. As summer likes to hang on a little too long for my taste, the cooler weather is such a welcoming change.

6) The scents Even before I sold Scentsy I loved the fall scents. I used to get pumpkin candles. Now I warm fall Scentsy bars. Love to have my house smell like fall.

7) Jeans I love wearing jeans. I don’t like shorts very much. So around the middle of September I am so ready to move on to jeans, all of the time.

download (10)8) Colors This is something I would really miss if we moved back to California. Fall colors. Just watching the trees change. It makes me want to take pictures of every single tree! It is really amazing to me how colorful things can get around here.

9) Hot drinks Hot mochas, hot chocolate, hot tea…hot drinks are the best when it is cool outside, the wind is going and you want a little something to warm you up.

10) The holidays Fall means the holidays are right around the corner. Before we know it we will be carving our turkeys and making our Christmas lists. Just thinking about that makes me happy. I enjoy the fall so much but I do love the holidays as well.


What is your favorite thing about fall?



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