Square Foot Garden Update

My square foot garden is now almost two months old! I have seen so much growth lately, it is exciting!

I did make another trip to Home Depot this past week and picked up a few things. I wanted to mulch around my boxes so I got some to do that. I also wanted to have some compost on hand. I decided to replace the square that was for watermelons since nothing was growing. I bought a cantaloupe transplant. I also added some smaller carrots to my broccoli square. I was reading that some people have done that successfully. My broccoli plant isn’t growing very well so I figured if it fails, at least I will have carrots in that square.


The broccoli that just doesn’t seem to be growing.



My green beans…planted 5/10. They are growing fast!



My cantaloupe transplant



My cherry tomato plant is getting flowers. Yay!


carrots in the square foot garden

I just love watching the carrots grow!


Pea plants in the square foot garden

My first little pea blossom. I took this photo on 5/26 and this morning you can really see the pod forming. I can’t wait to eat our first peas!



This is the “winner” of the five tomato plants I grew from seed. One of them didn’t make it at all which is why I replaced it with a transplant. It already seems bigger than this bigger I took just a couple of days ago.



I bought this at Home Depot the other day too. Peppermint!



My first tomato transplant. I think it is up to 9 tomatoes now. We just need them to turn red!



My strawberry transplant I bought a few weeks ago. I planted four, two died and two are still growing. Speaking of strawberries, I planted a bunch of Alpine strawberries in a few different places. Three pots, my small garden bed and my extra box I made. So far two of the three pots and the small bed have tiny tiny strawberry leaves. We will see what we get there.



My flower pot. I am excited about this. I can’t wait until they bloom.


lime tree

And this is my Mother’s Day gift…a little lime tree. I am very excited about it 🙂


What have you been noticing in your garden this week?

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5 thoughts on “Square Foot Garden Update”

  1. Thanks for sharing about your garden. In my garden this week: strawberries are nearing the end of their production, blueberries are beginning to ripen, broccoli is under attack by cabbage moths despite insecticidal soap applications, lettuce is dwindling due to heat, sugar snap peas are setting “fruit” – first harvest this weekend, tomatoes are flowering, potatoes are sending up shoots. On the herb end: cilantro went to seed, parsley, basil, sage, bronze fennel are doing well. Garlic chives are recovering from recent transplant. Mint garden is doing well as long as I remember to water the pots. Be careful with your peppermint as it can take over a garden. Now, I’m off to make strawberry-rhubarb butter and ginger-nectarine preserves. Have a good day!

  2. I’m so jealous of everything you have growing! I’m still trying to get used to life in Minnesota and their shorter growing season. Plus living in a rental I can’t have a “real” garden. I did plant some herbs though in pots and I’m planting tomatoes today. I’m excited for fresh tomatoes!

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