My Trip to Indiana And The Scentsy Family Reunion

Scentsy Family ReunionI am finally getting around to writing about our trip to Indiana and the Scentsy Family reunion. I had a really amazing time, met a lot of wonderful people and learned a lot of awesome things.

We left Tennessee on the 10th and made the four-hour trip to my friend’s house. She lives about 30 minutes from Indianapolis where the Reunion was being held. Now I hate driving. It kills me to even have to drive to Nashville which is 45 minutes away. So to drive for four hours? That was hard for me. I had my GPS, directions from my friend and a lot of prayers. I wanted to be in Indiana so I made myself go. It was worth it and I battled a big fear of mine. Will I be driving somewhere far sometime in the future? No, it was a challenge I think I will wait until my husband is home to drive us on our next road trip.

We arrived at my friend’s house almost exactly four hours later. It was so good to see her and her son who is my 2.5 year old’s best buddy. They moved back to Indiana in May after her husband got out of the Army.

We took the boys to McDonald’s and got to catch up a little bit.  After that I got ready and my friend drove me into the city. Another thing I have a problem with is driving in downtown places. I love visiting big cities as long as someone else was going to do the driving. However, in order for this to work I would need to drive into the city, finding my parking garage and walk to where the Reunion was. So that first night my friend’s husband watched the boys and my friend took me there.

Scentsy Family Reunion

By this point I was so tired. I also didn’t come with anyone. None of my downline could go this year, next year should be a different story 🙂  Anyway, I knew of a couple of people in my Sponsor’s downline that were there but I didn’t have any way to connect with them. The first night was the opening and Kelly Clarkson concert.

I tried to stay as long as possible but after the drive and the fact that I was feeling really really hungry, I had my friend pick me up early and we stopped for dinner. That was nice. A dinner without the kids has been hard to come by lately. The next morning I got up early and left her house at about 6:45. I was nervous but had my GPS and a lot of prayers and I was going to do this downtown thing. It really was not so bad. The drive was pretty easy and my GPS got me to where I needed to go.

I met a couple of girls from New Jersey in the parking garage and we all walked together. It was about a 15 minute walk but only $5.50 a day for parking. Once we got to the stadium I found my seat. I was wearing my team shirt which was bright green and happy to see a few other ladies in the exact same shirt.  This was exciting for me because I got to meet new people and we had a great time talking and going through everything together. We are all under the same Star Director so we will get to see each other in the future as well.


I got so much out of the reunion. It was SO exciting to see the new products being revealed. I also got a lot out of the speakers. We had other consultants come up and share what was working for them. We also got to listen to Mary Christensen, Brené Brown and Daniel H. Pink. They really told us a lot of amazing things and were so inspiring.

Scentsy also gave us $200 in credit to pick our giveaway items out. It was awesome and we were able to pick everything using the internet. I love technology! Everything showed up at my house a few days after I got home.


I left the reunion feeling SO excited for my future with Scentsy! I can’t wait until the reunion next year. It is going to be in St. Louis 🙂 And after going I have to say if you are in direct sales, try hard to get to your annual convention. It will be totally worth it on so many levels. I am SO glad I was able to go and that I have such an amazing friend who didn’t mind watching my boys.

Have you ever been to a direct sales annual convention?


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