How My Son With Asperger’s Is Doing In The Second Grade


How My Son With Asperger’s Is Doing In The Second Grade

My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he was five. That was in the middle of his preschool year. We started with ABA therapy right away. He started kindergarten a few months later. That was a challenging year. He had full-time ABA with him at school. 1st grade was similar only we encountered some other issues. However, other types of behaviors got better. It seems like it is two steps forward, one step back with him.

In the middle of last year I felt strongly that it might be a good idea to have him in the special needs class because of his Asperger’s. He was having quite a lot of behavioral problems. We also worked on having the school take over more than having ABA with him. This was an important step to me and something we were working towards. Towards the end of 1st grade things got a little better but I wasn’t sure how it was going to go for second grade. I knew the school was working hard with us to make sure he was getting the help he needed to get through each day. They also assured me that at anytime I can call an IEP meeting. When summer started I just knew that no matter what we would be able to figure out how to get through second grade.


Now we are about six weeks into the school year. Overall he is doing really well. I am thankful for this. He grew a lot during the summer and I could really tell he was a different kid than he was at the end of 1st grade, although with some of the same behavioral issues. He is in a regular class and that seems to be going well overall. Not so many behavioral issues, he gets on the bus a lot easier than he ever has too. His biggest issue is not wanting to do the school work he needs to do. We are making him do it once he gets home and that has been hard.

I am not sure how the rest of the year is going to go. We had an IEP meeting last week and will have another one after fall break next month. He has a list of goals and he is slowly working towards them. Some days are easier than others.

What we want for him is to know that school is important, that the work he does at school is important and that he has to go to school each day before he can play or relax. The thing about him is that if he doesn’t see the reason for it, he doesn’t want to do it. This was a major issue last year. He didn’t see why he had to go to school so he fought it a lot. I think this year he is understanding more how it works. You go to school Monday through Friday, then you have the weekends free. You go to school until about 3pm, do your homework and then you can do what you want. I think the more he understands this, the better he will be about school. I am hoping anyways.

Do you have a child with special needs? How is school going for them?

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  1. Thanks for the update on your son! My brother was diagnosed with Aspergers years ago (back before many people even knew what it was). I am so glad your son is doing well and getting the accommodations he needs.

  2. Amazing post. I have always been incredibly interested with Aspergers and Autism and how it affects the family and people with it. If you haven’t already, i highly suggest listening to the episode of radiolab that they released last week…amazing listen. Can’t wait to see further posts from you!

  3. It is great that he is doing well. The first six weeks are always a tell tale sign for the rest of the year. My son has a learning disability too. And it has started off a bit rocky but he has plenty of support

  4. My son is 9 and has been diagnosed with Asperger’s as well. It was hard to swallow, it takes a lot of patience, encouragement, love and prayer.

  5. We don’t have any kids with special needs atm but I know how hard things can get and how important the support network is.
    Well done to your boy for getting along with school. I hope he has a great year!

  6. It really inspires me. Children with special needs is a challenging one for the parents, as you need lot of patience, love and prayers to make them perform better. Thanks for sharing about your son and glad to know that your son is doing well.

  7. My son has ADHD and school has been a rocky road for him. He’s in the last year of elementary school now and seems like the it is a bit better. But still, I’m scared to death what will happen when he starts junior HS.

  8. You are doing a great job of monitoring what’s going on with your son, and working with the school as well. I’m glad your son is making progress… Keep up the good work.

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