To The Moms Of The Really Little Kids


Little KidsMy children are getting older. My oldest is 10. My middle is 8 and my “baby” is 4. They grew up.

There was a time when I had very little kids. As I watch my Mommy friends with the little ones, it takes me back. It isn’t that I still don’t have little ones. 4 is still in that age but having older kids too changes your perspective.

There was a time not too long ago that I was the mom with the one and three-year old. I had two in diapers for far too long. Because of my oldest son’s speech delay, I didn’t have a child I could have a conversation with for many many years. I was the mom with the kids at home trying to make it through the day, each and everyday, all year-long.

Now we are in a new stage. Now we are about school and boy scouts and friends. Although things like taking them to the store and out to eat are sometimes a little challenging, they can be done a lot easier than when they were one and three. I can trust that my oldest two will be fine around the house. They are not going to cover themselves with marker or break all the eggs on my carpet. They are not going to take a crayon and color on the walls anymore. Even the 4 year old has done pretty well lately.

To The Moms Of The Really Little Kids

Whatever hard stage you are currently in will eventually end and a new one will take it place. Some new stages will be harder, others a little easier.

So to my friends with the really little kids, it’s okay to feel tired. It’s ok to feel like this will always be your life. But as a mom of older kids, it won’t always be this way. Things will change and your children will enter new phases. You won’t always have diapers to change, sippy cups to refill, cribs to keep kids in, strollers to put in your trunk. You won’t always have to sit through Dora or Bob the Builder. Your kids will grow out of all of that.

I would tell you to “cherish every moment” but you already know that. You know that this time will pass. Deep down you really do know this. With every picture you take you are aware of the passing of time. So I won’t tell you to cherish this time. I will tell you it gets easier in a lot of ways. I will tell you that you will feel more and more like yourself as your kids get older. I will tell you that you will always want the best for them and that you will always worry. I am 36 and I know my mom still worries about me.

But motherhood evolves. It changes as your children change. From one stage to the next. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep loving your children and helping them each day. You are doing a good job and things will get easier in a few years. I promise.


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  1. I am in the trenches right now with a 7-month-old and a nonverbal 2-year-old, and your post means so much! It is encouraging to know that others have gone through the same things and everyone survived (and hopefully kept their sanity intact!) (From Nicole Hensel)

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