The Benefits of Living in Military Housing


There are a lot of benefits to living in Military housing and it can be a very good thing for you and your family.


Living in Military housing can be such a great thing to do. We did it when we were in Germany and to be honest, if my husband had stayed Active Duty and we moved to another duty station, I would have wanted to do it again. There are a lot of benefits to living in Military housing and it can be a very good thing for you and your family.

By living on post you can more easily find yourself a support system. Everyone in your neighborhood is a Military family. You will have a ton of Military spouses on your street to make friends with. Your kids will probably go to school with other Military children and their teachers and staff will all know that the school is filled with Military kids.

It can be easy to meet new friends by just walking your kids down to the park or attending events put on by the housing area. Lincoln Military Housing does just that. They host a variety of events that help the community get to know one other and make friends. It can give you a chance to meet others, have your kids find kids to play with and feel like you are more apart of your local community.

You need a good support system as a Military spouse. People who truly understand what you are going through, who can be there for you during your more difficult days and know what it is like to be without your spouse for long periods of time. You can vent together, share good days, share bad days, get together for holidays and dinners and just be there for one another.

One summer, when my husband was deployed, I would meet friends at the local parks to have dinner together while our children played. It was the best way to get through the deployment, especially the evenings that seemed to drag on and on. Although we could have done this without all living on post it was so much easier to do it several times a week since we all did live so close to one another.

Another benefit to Military housing is that it is so close to everything. In a lot of places you can walk to a lot of the places you need to go. In some cases the service member can even walk to work. They can also easily come home for lunch during the day without too much trouble. Kids love having lunch with both parents when it works out to do so.

If you live on post, you might be able to save a little bit of money each month. This will mostly depend on your location, what your BAH would be and your family size. You should do a little research if you are curious about it and see if living on post can in fact save you money. Keep in mind that you will probably pay more for electric and water as well as more in gas if you choose to live off post.

What about you? Do you like to live in Military housing? Are you able to find a support system there?

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6 thoughts on “The Benefits of Living in Military Housing”

  1. I enjoy living on base. I feel safer. I feel like my kids can actually play outside. Mind you, it’s not 100% safe and I still check on the kids often, but there’s an added comfort for me on base.

  2. I really do like living on base. This is our first (and probably only) time, but it is very convenient. We do save money here, because the cost of living is so expensive, but everywhere else we’ve been, we’ve managed to save BAH.

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