Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Originals to Add to Your Binge Watching List

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Originals to Add to Your Binge Watching List

I don’t always binge watch a television show, but when I do, I get lost in the story, make friends with the characters and keep myself busy!

Back in 2007 during our first deployment, I discovered binge watching. Doing so was a little different back then. We were overseas, and I am not even sure Netflix had a streaming service yet. We used Netflix DVD (four episodes at a time,) rented DVDs from the library, found a show on YouTube or some other online site. Binge watching wasn’t as easy as it is today.

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Originals to Add to Your Binge Watching List

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There are so many options now, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu not only have television shows from regular and cable networks, but they all have their own shows too. And these shows are pretty good. I remember when we first got Hulu, that was not the case.

So here are some excellent original shows from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon to add to your binge watching list!

Netflix is a king of the original series! You can pay between $7.99 and $13.99 for monthly streaming.

1. Alias Grace

This Maraget Atwood adaptation is only six episodes long, but you won’t be able to watch just one. The story is based on a true story of a young woman, Grace Marks, accused of murdering Thomas Kinnear and his housekeeper Nancy Montgomery in 1843 Canada.

2. Stranger Things

This show might make you jump, but it is on point with its portrayal of the mid-1980s. Think of this as a mix of ET, the Goonies, and Stand By Me. With Winona Ryder.

3. Ozark

Jason Bateman, a financial planner, and his wife, Laura Linney play a couple on the run. They hide out in the Ozarks along with their two children. This show reminded me a lot of the show Weeds, with a pretty interesting setting.

4. Arrested Development

While only the 4th season of this show is a Netflix original, this series is so binge-worthy. About a family in Southern California, and the son who is trying to keep them all together after the father goes to prison. Remember, there is always money in the banana stand. There will be a season 5 coming out next May!

5. Black Mirror

Think Twilight Zone for the social media age. Each episode will make you think twice about how you interact with technology. Do yourself a favor though and skip the first episode of season 1. People get stuck on that one, and I think it is awful. The rest? Totally worth watching. Netflix took over this British show in season 3 and season 4 should be out soon.

With Hulu, you can stream shows and movies, watch new shows a day after, and depending on your plan, even watch live tv. You can pay between $7.99-$39.99 a month or add extra channels for more choices.

1. The Handmaid’s Tale

Let Elisabeth Moss bring Margaret Atwood’s most famous book to life with this dystopian series based in Gilead, what used to be apart of the United States. Season two will be coming out in April too.

2. 11 /22 /63

Stephen King wrote a not so scary novel about a man who goes back in time to try to save JFK and Hulu made the book into a series with James Franco. While some of the show is different than the book, the series was still very enjoyable.

Amazon Prime is the best. Free shipping and more! You can pay the $99 a year, $10.99 a month or just $8.99 for streaming video only.

1. The Man in the High Castle

This show is based on a Philip K. Dick novel about what would have happened had World War II ended differently. This show takes place at a very different time than what is in our history books. The Man in the High Castle will keep you guessing and season 3 will be out sometime in early 2018.

2. Lore

If you like creepy things, Lore might be a good show for you. This series, based on a podcast of the same name is all about crazy things that have happened in history. From real-life Vampires to scary dolls.

3. Good Girls Revolt

While Amazon only produced one season of this show, it is worth watching. Good Girls Revolt is the story of a group of female researchers at “News of the Week” during the late 1960s. All they want is to be treated fairly, but is that even possible? I love the setting, the costumes, and the characters on this show which is based on a book by Lynn Povich.

What are your favorite original shows to watch from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon?

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