When You Are Feeling Alone in Your Military Spouse Life

When You Are Feeling Alone in Your Military Spouse Life

There could be times during your life as a military spouse when you will feel alone. Maybe your spouse just left for a deployment, maybe you just moved to a new city, too many miles from your comfort zone, or maybe your friend circle has fallen apart and you wonder what to do next.

When You Are Feeling Alone in Your Military Spouse Life

Sometimes we feel alone because we assume no one truly understands what we are going through.

We think we are the only ones that feel a certain way. The only ones that have to take that deployment one hour at a time, who miss their spouse more than they thought they would, who have a hard time making new friends at their duty station.

But the reality is, we are not alone. There are others that feel just like you do. There are others that truly understand. There are others who have been through it before and want to help those who are going through it now.

So if you are feeling alone, know that you are not.

Reach out to your military spouse groups, read blogs, ask friends what they did, step out of your comfort zone, and find ways to help with what you are going through.

When You Are Feeling Alone in Your Military Spouse Life

Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have a right to feel the way you do. Missing a spouse, missing a best friend, missing home, or anything else is normal. We miss the things we love the most. And know that this too shall pass, that you will get to a better place, and that in the end, what you go through in life will always help you in the future.

Figure out ways to help when you are feeling alone.

For some, inviting a friend over will help, even if you are not super close. Others will need to find something to do outside of the house and step out of their comfort zone. This isn’t always an easy thing to do. Making friends is hard.

As military spouses, we can feel separated from those we love the most. Keeping in contact with them is a must, whether that is over the phone, over text, or even just on Facebook. Remember, that as time goes on, you will figure out what works for you to stay connected to those you no longer live close to.

If you are feeling alone, try to connect with the people in your world. Be brave. Learn to explore. Be creative. And before you know it, you will find that you will stop feeling so alone, that you will start to make new friends, that life will get better and that you will find your place in this crazy military spouse world.

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