18 Signs That You Have Been Stationed at Fort Campbell During Your Spouse’s Military Career

18 Signs That You Have Been Stationed at Fort Campbell During Your Spouse’s Military Career

Fort Campbell is located on the Tennessee and Kentucky border, literally. Some people love being stationed at Fort Campbell, some people hate being stationed at Fort Campbell, and some have such mixed feelings it really depends on the day.

We have lived in the Fort Campbell area for almost nine years now. We have seen some changes, some good and some bad. We have gotten to know the area quite a bit, and will probably be here for a while longer.

Because my husband is now in the National Guard, he has not been stationed at Fort Campbell for nine years, however, I know people who have been or who have been here even longer. This is a place you might end up and stay forever, or you might just spend the typical three years.

Either way, here are 22 signs that you have been stationed at Fort Campbell during your spouse’s military career:

  • You can’t get over how long it takes to get to the mall, or really anywhere off post since EVERYTHING is so spread out.
  • You are still holding out hope for that nice, new shopping center in that field outside of Gate 7…even though you know it isn’t going to happen.
  • You got really excited to see not one but two Starbucks on post, each right by a playground for your kids, perfect!
  • You had to really think about if you wanted to live in Kentucky or Tennessee and weighed the pros and cons of both options.
  • Your kids get a snow day when there is not even an inch on the ground, or in some cases, nothing on the ground.
  • You can get to Nashville in less than an hour…unless there is traffic. Oh wait.
  • You had your baby at BACH and assumed that meant they were born in Kentucky but they were really born in, “Fort Campbell, Tennessee” which really is only a place listed on their birth certificate.
  • By the end of July you are so hot and humid, even going to the pool won’t help. Then you remember how you will feel in January.
  • You have to laugh at the endless comments about will there be school or won’t there be school during the winter months all because of a 40% chance of snow.
  • You feel like the area has every fast food chain in the world…well except for In-and-Out.
  • You only live 5 miles from post but it takes your spouse 30-40 minutes to get home from work some nights.
  • You know Tiny Town is the longest road in the world. It goes on forever.
  • If you live off post, there is a 90% chance that your neighbors are either military, former military, or grew up in the military.
  • You can still hear the booms, even though you live 15 miles away.
  • Finding a job in your field isn’t easy, and you might have to go to Nashville to find one.
  • You might get stuck behind an Amish buggy coming back from Walmart.
  • You now know the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning.
  • You can’t help but appreciate the history of all the units at Fort Campbell.

Have you ever been stationed at Fort Campbell? Where did you live there?

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