Army Wives Season Six, Episode One & Two, My Thoughts

Did you all get a chance to watch the first and second episodes of Army Wives Season Six yet? If you haven’t…please stop reading this post! I wanted to talk about the episode but I don’t want to ruin anything for you 🙂 If you would like to watch it you can do so online here!

Army Wives Season 6


Army Wives Season 6

I had my Army Wives party and got to watch episode one with some of my friends. Afterwords I had them write out what they thought. It was interesting that we all kinda thought the same things.

We really liked that David was now apart of the Burton family. It is so sweet to see them together and happy. We thought it was great that Michael decided to not take the Pentagon job so that Claudia Joy could work as a Lawyer. We also thought that it was nice to see Denise and Frank take Molly to Jeremy’s grave site for her birthday.

We thought that the scenes about waiting on orders and missing friends once you PCS was very true to life. Most of us had been through that personally. It is hard to wait on the Army and hard to say goodbye to friends once you or they have to PCS.

We all pretty much felt like Roxy’s accident scene was really unbelievable. We were all pretty much shouting, “Don’t leave him in the car!” when she left Finn in the car. But I guess you never really know how you are going to react in situations like that. We found it frustrating Roxy wasn’t taking the offers for the bar more seriously. I would think that if you were an Army wife, knew your husband was PCSing and knew you had to get rid of the bar that if someone was offering to buy it you would take them up on it. But as the episode showed she was having a hard time accepting the PCS.

The cliffhanger at the end of episode one got us! We couldn’t wait to see the next episode!

Army Wives Season 6

I watched episode two with one of my friends last Sunday. We loved the scenes with Jeremy. It was also sad knowing that what she was dreaming wasn’t what happened. It was sweet to see Jeremy act like a big brother and see the family grow up. At one point I wondered if that would continue all season. Just having Denise in this other life. But at the end it made sense that she was drawn to staying with her son but also drawn to be with her daughter and husband. I thought they showed this well and in the end I was very happy to see her wake up and be alright.

We knew once they started talking about how badly Ft. Hope was hit that they were going to keep Ft. Marshall open instead. It was the logical thing to do. Although in real life the Army doesn’t always do the most logical thing. We also felt bad for Claudia Joy. She thought she was going to have her chance to forward her career but in the end she has to stand by her husband and wait a little longer.  The Pamela story line was a little confusing to me.   Her house might be unlivable but it didn’t seem like she was thinking about heading to California earlier than planned.  Instead she ends up at a shelter.  I guess if I was in her shoes my first thought would be that we would need to leave and head to California earlier than I thought we would.

I think this is probably going to be a very interesting season! Now that Ft. Marshall isn’t going to close I wonder what other situations they are going to have to deal with? I wonder what Army Wife will be gone forever? And do they mean gone forever gone or emotionally gone or what?

What did you think of the first two episodes?

Since it is Saturday we only have one more day to wait to find out what happens next!  It airs Sunday night at 9/8c!

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5 thoughts on “Army Wives Season Six, Episode One & Two, My Thoughts”

  1. Good summary! It was nice to hear someone else's thoughts on the episodes, because I thought the same thing for a lot of it! I was in tears when Frank was by Denise's bed begging her to wake up. Agh! My heart! I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow night. I was relieved the storm was over, but then when they said one wife will be gone forever… I have no idea what to expect now. We shall see!
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  2. I agree completely with what you said about Pamela! I was so confused about why she didn't just leave. And I thought that was the most unbelievable story line of the entire two episodes. But, I think they are setting up Pamela to be the wife who is gone for good (that is pure speculation on my part). Time will tell if I am right or wrong, but I have two different ways it can play out for her to be the goner. And as much as I love Pamela (she's my favorite character) and would be sad to see her leave, I can't wait to find who does leave and if my guesses are right! I've been dying to see episode three all week! I'm glad I don't have to wait much longer!!
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  3. These shows made me nuts. I guess I looked at the reality of everyone not moving as just stupid. You know that wouldn't happen and there is no way that everyone that was on prders would just "stay there" I would assume that they would keep some PCS the rest and then move those from the other base there?

    I know its a TV show but sometimes it seems rediculious.

    That being said, I think Pamela is leaving. Chase is already a main character on another show. I was trying to remember though what happens in the book. I think Claudia Joys hubsnad is killed, I can not remember. The show has sort of been similiar to the book.

    Seeing Jermey grow up was hard 🙁 It killed me to see that.
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