Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

So last spring and summer I did a little planting. I grew some tomatoes, peppers, herbs and flowers. I got lazy and let everything die. I told myself I was a brown thumb and wasn’t going to plant anything this year. We had to go to Lowes for some mulch for my husband’s roses. I decided to pick up a few things to plant and we headed home. That night I got online and started reading about the best way to garden. Then I found this on square foot gardening!

Square Foot Gardening

From Frugal Dad!

I could do that…my husband could help. We could make this during the week he has off. No big deal and only $50.

So we head to Lowe’s. We were able to find the screws, line, peat moss, compost and seeds (just bought what I wanted to plant.) They were out of Vermiculite and their saw was broken. My husband suggested he buy his own saw…with great big puppy dog eyes. We thought about it but then when they were out of the Vermiculite and I knew we had to go somewhere else anyway, we decided not to. We ended up going to Home Depot for the cut boards but they also had no Vermiculite. I got online and found out Vermiculite is hard to get. Home Depot has it on their site but they will charge you a lot for shipping. The bags itself are not that expensive but after shipping, I was going to have to spend over $50 just for what I needed. Some stores in Nashville and I knew I could call around local nurseries but I really didn’t want to do that.

My husband was able to build the bed for me just fine.


But I still had the problem with the Vermiculite. Now I know I didn’t 100% need it. I read up on some forums. Some people said you had to have it, others said you didn’t. I decided to check the Lowe’s site because I knew they carried it too but the local Lowe’s was out. Turns out the other Lowe’s in Clarksville had 12 bags of it. Yay! So we took a family trip to the other side of town and I bought my Vermiculite.

On Saturday morning, I got everything together, mixed up my soil and started planting. I did end up having to buy more compost as what I had did not fill up my bed. I made sure to buy a different kind as I have heard mixing different types together is a good idea.

I have a cute Gardening helper too. He is really into planting. He says he will help me with everything but the lettuce because they are growing it at school.

Square Foot Gardening

We decided we are going to plant all sorts of things this year. It would be awesome if everything grew but knowing how brown my thumb really is, we will see. I think most of the fun will be in trying.  Plus it will give me something to focus on during the deployment.  Right now I go out every morning to tend to things.  It isn’t a lot right now but I know it will get more busy as things grow.

We have some seeds started in the garden and some we have started in little boxes that we will transplant later.

My son also wants to plant an apple tree. From what I have heard, these take a really long time. So if we are successful, we might see fruit by around the time he is 12 😀 Like I said, the fun will be in trying.

I am finding that there is a lot of good information out there on the Internet about gardening. Google is very helpful. I am also learning a lot from The Square Foot Gardening Forum and My Square Foot Garden.

Square Foot Gardening

What are you planting this season? Do you have a square foot garden?


* If you are Military both Lowe’s and Home Depot have a 10% Military discount.

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  1. Great post! I’ve been thinking about how much easier it would be to have a garden box. Last year we tried to plant in large pots. We got baby vegetables, but nothing matured. I was trying to decide how best to convince my husband that we need to do this. I think I might be able to do it by myself though (he gets back after prime planting season).

    • You should totally try it! I just started the book too and it is gives even more info. You can buy pre-made boxes too at Wal-mart and I think Lowe’s or Home Depot.

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    I still received just as many messages,
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    I could have given up on online dating right there, but I
    asumed I must have failed eHarmony’s psychometric testing because I wwas in a funk.
    Will Derek Blasberg bbe looking for a sugar momma, or will derek blasberg seek ttue love?
    For many Pisces, the emotional aand sympathetic view of thhe world enables them to work
    well in charitable organizations or small healthcare settings.
    Perhaps it is time to think about Christian dating sites.
    Also remember that similarities as well as differeences do mak good matches (a
    talkative person might match well with a quiet one, for example).
    You may also “tease” someone. If you play tthe online game you think
    thee risk is lessened.

    We will help you to bukld a perfect firdt date with
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    If you choose to arrange a meeting, make it on your terms.
    Get your best friend drunk and then hit him with a surprise, by
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    Some would go rather dangerous way putting a picture of feew
    years back. Success rate of this kind of relationships shows an upward trend.

    Anything bad you say willl immediately put him
    on the defensive. This serm is secreted not only as a protective balm but also as a copmpound that
    has all the compounds needed tto support its own body in the process of repair, rejuvenation or regeneration of its own skin. For a first date, most consultants believe it
    is common acceptance for a man to pay forr the expenses associated with the date.

    Fallacy: Consume low-calorie food when out on a date with a guy to llet
    him know youu take good care of yourself to look attractive.
    Edating isn’t Just for the Young Older people are increasingly turning tto
    the internet to meet people too. Forr example,
    injstead of using your ownn personal e-mail some dating websites wil
    provide yoou with your own unique e-mail account so that your personal
    e-mail can stay private and secure. It wojld be too easy
    if it was true.

    What are you doing in the photo? If they don’t want to annswer them, hey then press on. Be hard working and
    determined. Consciousness and the need for itt is a theme that weaves throughout all
    relationships involvinng children, bbe it diring
    step dating, during remarriage, or after a coupple hass formed heir new family.
    Sign up for one, take part, and get to meet dozens oof potential life companions.
    He starts to think that she iss desperate or insane.
    We even snggled and got really close without getting too close,
    all in 2 days.

    If they are not, throw thwm the deuce, andd tell the “peace be the journey,” because
    apparently they are hiding something. However,do you even know where to send the tulips
    to? For that most of the time people alter their photograph
    using some photo enhancing software. Some parentgs might feel uncomfortable talking to their daughter
    about dating. This book is not realky a how
    to guide but a personal journsy into the ins and outs andd the trials and triobulations she has
    faced and still does whie trying to stay afloat in the ever-changing world
    of thee Internet dating business. Yoour ate can usually tell when a compliment is fake.
    Although an extremely flattering pphoto of
    you mibht get you more dates, it might not get yoou the right dates.

    Haave a life, be busy, don’t agree to the date right away and
    don’t answer every single phone call. It was probably around this point that I started asking thee question, wwho is Rsie Vela dating because I’d fallen in love with herr
    by then. These individuals seek to steal identities, exploit emotion, and make a buck from your
    emotional grief. The neerd for a conscious approach to step dating naturally flows into a consciousness
    around the issues that the couple will face once thy
    develop a relationship. He was true to his online dating personality test after all.
    They connect singles and personals on the internet.

    Meet someone offline only when you aare ready. And iin the event that
    they didd end up contacting you, thjere would be nothing left for them to discover abot youu which is part of the excitement that comes with dating.
    The gifts they send may be purchased with a stolen credit card.

    You can do itt while you take rest at your home.

  10. D: First Day…Below aree some helpful tips on how to not get booted as well as how to get rid of the bots that
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  11. Remember tht not all rich guys who register online are single.

    If you can noow stay cool and wait patiently
    then it’s likely that you can ride the storm, but maany women don’t.
    Writing a good dating profile headliine is as important
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    Now, ttry to go beyond physical attributes and get into the soul
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    Enshre that you fill these pwrts before
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    If the earth is round, in which corner are yyou hiding?The online
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    You should note that many Muslims don’t date non-Muslims; therefore, if
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    With thhe many traditions within China, arranged marriages are not unusual.
    I want to share both our passions, some of mine, some of
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    Many times, showing your emptional and romantic side floors the girl.
    Remember she has goje tto great lengths to please you and complimenting her will add to her self-confidence and
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    Do you just want to find friends to go out annd have a
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    Step Dating is dating that occurs when one or both people involved
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    Finding a good man is lie nailing Jello to a tree! As coin has
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    No matter what he says, try and stay positive. You should let someone knoss
    where you are going is a good advice. This is what
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    It is very important to keep in mind the language, which must be conversational.

    Online dating for Internet singles are easy and convenient for everyone.However, if you find
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    time together, you may have what it takes to be a military wife!
    Ladies should bbe expecting these behaviours if going out with
    a Spanish man. Thhe internet has changed our lives in a myriad
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    Mosst girls like pets, so if you genuinely love pets, make a
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    you, then you should make your dating profile headline as catchy and as intriguing as possible.

    In fact, do not think that talking avout intimate with her will make her want tto do that.Simply,
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